How To Buy Wholesale Gift Bags

Do you own a business and require a lot of gift bags, but don't want to spend a fortune?  Maybe you are the person who gets invited to every birthday, anniversary party, wedding, baby shower, etc. that happens. Often the cost of the bag is so much, you have to buy a cheaper gift than you would like to, so why not stock up and have all the gift bags you need on hand? Buy wholesale gift bags. Don't know where to buy them, or how to go about finding them? Let’s see if I can help you out.

Internet is your best friend right now. Look on E-bay, simply type in wholesale gift bags, you will have many choices. You can also type wholesale gift bags right in your search window on the Internet, and have more choices than you know what to do with.

If searching the Internet isn't your bag, (excuse the pun)... look through the yellow pages in your phone book for local gift boutiques, or dollar stores, make a list of them with their addresses and phone numbers. Call them and   ask to speak to the manager, ask if you can make an appointment to come in and meet with them. Once you show up to your appointment, explain your personal situation and need of wholesale gift bags. Ask if they can refer you to their supplier.  If they do not want to give you that information, because there is nothing in it for them, talk to them, use your charm and try to strike up a deal. Ask them if they would be willing to order the ones you want, and let you buy them at 5% over their cost. Be ready to bargain, don't be aggressive, and instead be professional and appreciative.  If you are turned down at one place, don't give up; try the next store on your list. You don't have to call first, however, if you do make an appointment you are showing respect to the manager. The appointment assures that they will have set aside a few minutes for you and you won't catch them at a busy time or catch them off guard. You will probably get better results, showing them the simple respect of calling ahead.

Another idea is to see what stores are going out of business, and speak to their manager, tell them you would like to take their gift bag inventory off their hands if they are willing to give you a deep discount.


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