How To Calculate a Speeding Ticket

Feeling the rush driving with your top down at 140 miles per hour on a highway limited to a speed of 60 miles per hour will surely get you a speeding ticket soon enough.  Well, you will get one unless you are one of the lucky ones that escape the gavel of the highway patrol.  Now, if you are not, know that speeding tickets and the fines attached to it are never fixed and are usually based on the severity of your violation.  So, the faster you are speeding, the higher your fines will be.  To help you compute for the speeding ticket you will be getting soon, here are some tips to consider.

  • Know that costs vary.  Again, costs for traffic violations are never fixed.  There are many factors that will either increase or reduce costs.  For instance, the severity of the violation is usually a factor that can sky rocket.  Say, you speed off at 100 miles per hour on a street with a speed limit of 50 then be prepared to pay a set amount per 10 miles you ran over the limit.  There will be a base fine plus the extra per 10 miles over the limit.  Of course, this concept will be based on another factor which is the traffic policies and fines enforced in a specific state.  Some states may impose increase in fines due to severity and on certain roads or streets.  Other states may only impose a flat fee.  All these being said, make sure to consider all the factors first when trying to compute the fines for your speeding ticket.
  • Computing for high speed violations.  Again, most states will charge a base fee and add a few bucks per every speed you break above the base limit.  For instance, say the base fee of a speeding violation in a particular state is $75.  You will already be required to pay this right off the bat.  However, if you sped way over the limit, the state may fine you an additional $2 per each mile above the limit.  So if you drove at 50 miles per hour when the road has a 40 miles per hour maximum, then you will have to pay the base of $75 plus $20.  The higher the speeds, the more you will pay.  It is as simple as that.
  • Contact the court.  Another way to get the exact amount that you will be required to settle for the speeding ticket is by simply asking.  Obviously, you can simply call up the clerk of court and ask the amount for the particular violation.  Make sure to tell the clerk that you just want the calculations so that you can prepare the payment on your side.  If calling up the clerk may be too much for you, consider searching the website of the court responsible for your ticket.  Some courts are online and provide a list of fees and fines in relation to traffic violations.  Some of the more advanced websites even offer an online calculator where you enter certain information about your violation and it will automatically provide you the total amount to be settled.

If you were expecting to be handed a standard formula that you can use to compute the fines for your speeding ticket, then you will be way disappointed since there is none.  It basically depends on the state or city where you committed the violation in and the severity of the violation.


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