How To Calculate Printing Costs

When you are trying to calculate printing costs, there are several things that you need to take into account. With this information and the ability to be flexible, you should be able to keep your printing costs under control.

Start by deciding what needs to be printed for your company.  Business cards are a must-have for any business owner.  Letterhead, envelopes, shipping materials, flyers, booklets and other forms of advertisements are the next items to consider. Once you have decided on what you need to print, then you must decide exactly which types of printing you would like to purchase.

Inks, papers and processing of different items are all reflected in the price of printing.  If you want to print a full color flyer on high gloss paper it will cost more than a simple flyer on a 20-weight bond.  These are things you must consider when designing your printing and budgeting for its cost.

Your best chance to get an accurate budget for your printing is to visit your local printer and discuss the options with them.  Printers are more apt to tell you the most cost-effective way to get optimal printing completed.  It is a benefit for both you and the printing company.  You get high quality printing at a discounted rate, and they get a happy customer that returns often.

You can reduce the cost of many items simply by changing your setup and paper styles.  The one thing you do not want to scrimp on, though, is your business cards.  Business cards are often the first form of contact you have with a prospective customer.  If they are flimsy and cheap that is the impression they will have of your company.

Once you have discussed with your printer all of the options you have for your printed material, you will need to go back to your office and decide what to purchase.  By carefully planning what each and every item will do for your company you can stay within a set budget and still receive high-quality printed material.

Once you have established a relationship with your printing company, you will likely see your pricing go down on your subsequent orders.  Often the printing companies charge an initial set up fee for your products; after that the set up is complete, the cost of making your items goes down and the future pricing will reflect the change.

Calculating printing costs can be very easy once you establish the exact product that you wish to have printed and the quantities that you want to purchase.


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