How To Change a Forwarding Address

There are many reasons to change your address but moving from one destination to another is the most common reason. One other popular reason to change your address is from residence or business to a postal service box. But no matter what the reason for the change, the procedure is the same whether you are changing the address of your business or residence.

The post office has cards that are used specifically to notify them of your address change. Filling out one of these cards is the first step in the change of address procedure. When you fill out the change of address card you are notifying your post office of the new address and they will note the date that the change of address should take place. On that date all mail that is directed to you will be rerouted to the new address.

Do not stop there and rely solely upon the post office to reroute your important mail to you at the new address listed in the change of address form. Take the time to e-mail or write to your clients and close friends and notify them of the change of address and give them the date the change will take place. This will insure you will receive your most important mail without a flaw. This is specifically important for business change of addresses because you may be expecting payment from your clients and they can accidentally be sent back to the client. By writing to them you are ensuring the receipt of all of your mail from this client without a hitch.

A residential change of address is not much different than the business change of address. The change of address card the post office offers should also be filled out and returned to the post office for their files. On the specific date that you wish to have your mail rerouted the post office will do so without additional prompting. These change of address cards are usually very reliable but you should carefully watch to make sure there is no problem in the rerouting. To make sure the change of address is complete and correct, mail a letter to yourself at the old address and watch to see if that letter is rerouted to you at the new address. In the meantime let your friends and relatives and people you do business with i.e., utilities, credit card companies, banks, etc. know of the address change.

Keeping on top of the change of address is your responsibility and should be done at least two weeks prior to the time the change of address is to take place.


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