How To Change the Film in a Laminating Machine

Laminating machines have been around for quite a long time now, and it is still very useful equipment to have around. A laminating machine is used to protect your important photos, documents, identification cards and business cards. These items, once laminated, will be protected from tear, creasing, stains and water damage. The main material used in laminating machines is a laminating film. Two laminating films will be used, placed on top and at the bottom of the photo or the document. The laminating films will seal the document inside with the help of heat from the laminating machine. Working on a lot of materials can cause the laminating film to run out and it will be much more convenient if you know how to change it yourself. In this article we will give you the basic steps on how to change the film in a laminating machine.

1. Read the user manual and check to see if there are any requirements in changing the film of the laminating machine.
There is no better source of information than the laminating machine’s user manual. You can get a standard laminating film but check to see if the manufacturer specified a specific type of laminating film. Measure the old film to ensure that you purchase a laminating film that will fit the feed area of the machine. Don’t forget to read on the manufacturer’s specific procedure on how change the film.

2. Remove the old film from the laminating machine.
Unless specified otherwise in the manual, it will be better to go through this process with the machine turned off. Lift up the safety cover of the machine and locate the locking screw of the film. Unscrew it and make sure that the adhesive part of the film won’t stick to the machine’s spindle rollers.

3. Replace the new film in the laminating machine.
Position the new film correctly on the machine feed. Make sure that the film is properly aligned on the feed before replacing the locking screw. Try to run the laminator for a few seconds to check if the film is properly aligned and installed in the machine feed. If you need to make adjustments to a misaligned film, try pushing it in position from the spindle rollers of the machine.

Waiting for someone to replace the laminating film for you can be a hindrance to your work. Knowing how to change the film in a laminating machine can save you more time while working, and by following the steps mentioned above you can complete this task on your own.


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