How To Check a Court Date

Finding out when a court date is scheduled for a particular case is simple. Sometimes, people want to know when particular court dates are for a case involving themselves or someone they know. If you are involved in the case, your lawyer should advise you when you need to appear in court. Otherwise, there are other ways to check for court dates.

In order to get information on court dates, follow these tips.

  • Locate the right case jurisdiction. The jurisdiction is where the case has been filed. There are many jurisdictions so make sure you know exactly where to go. Cases can be filled in superior or district court counties, city courts, municipal courts and even in federal district courts.
  • Know the case number. All cases that are filed have their respective case numbers as assigned by the clerk of court. You will need this number when you want information regarding the case. Different jurisdictions use different formats for their case numbers. The case number is usually long so make sure you have the right one.
  • Have the right spelling of the names of the parties involved in the lawsuit. The parties involved are called litigants. In case you don’t have information on the case number, you can find out the court date by knowing who are involved in the case. For criminal cases, the defendant’s name is what you need to know. For civil cases, obtain the names of the plaintiffs and/or defendant so you can use these to check on the court date.
  • Check the website where the case was filed. A number of different courts (county, municipal, city, state, etc) have official websites. This allows the lawyers and the public to have access to certain cases, including court dates. Find out if the jurisdiction has a website. If it does, simply go to this website and search for the court date for the specific case you are interested in. All you need to do is select the county or municipality where the case is filed. Take note that some states have a comprehensive database of all cases filed in that state while others don’t.
  • Inquire at the court. If the jurisdiction is in your area, go to the court and inquire using the case number or the names of the litigants. You can also try calling the court to save you a drive. In case you know the name of the judge who will preside over the case, inquire from his assistant. You can also inquire from the clerk of court. It is easy for the clerk of court to find this information since the schedules are produced by the clerk.
  • Ask for help from an attorney. Try to contact the lawyer handling the case. They keep track of when they need to make an appearance in court.

Note:  If you plan to attend the hearing, also check the time and courtroom number where the case will be heard.

Finding out the court date for a specific case does not take long to do. It is a straightforward process. If you missed your own court date because you don’t know when it is will surely get you into trouble. In case you forgot when your court date is, ask your attorney, call the court or use online resources to find out when you need to appear.


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