How To Check Out the Reputation of a Corporation

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There are several reasons you may want to check out the reputation of a corporation or business. First, you may be intending to do business with them, or want to invest in the corporation, or want to buy goods or services or even want to join the corporation as an employee. Reputation is an intangible asset for any business and most corporations in the business world work very hard to maintain a solid reputation, because it can make the difference between success and failure. Listed here are some ways you can use to check out the reputation of a corporation.

Step 1

Check with BBB or local chambers of commerce. Businesses need to be registered to carry out work and it is no different with corporations. The Better Business Bureau or the local chambers of commerce or other trade associations are the best places to begin your search. The BBB has both national and regional databases where it logs in complaints against companies or corporations, so checking these will give you an idea of the reputation of the corporation. Any listing or too many complaints against the corporation you are referencing, means it is better to avoid any dealings with that corporation. The chamber of commerce or trade associations in your area will be able to help you find out whether the corporation is listed on its rolls, general history and activity, participation in the chamber's activities, overall standing and reputation within the chamber or association, etc.

Step 2

Online resources. There are several sources available on the Internet which facilitate checks on business corporations and companies. You can use any of these resources to check on the reputation of any corporation you are interested in.

  • Yahoo! Finance - provides company, financial and investment information
  • EDGAR - Resource provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Alibaba - A business-to-business resource
  • Google News
  • Federal Contractor Search
  • State UCC and Corporation Public Records
  • BVD Mint
  • ThomasNet - website of Thomas Industrial directories
  • Accoona - provides access to Dun&Bradstreet's data on companies, executives, etc
  • Whois.Net - This is the official registration record for websites of any organization.
  • Other resources - a Google search on the corporation's name, resources which provide address and telephone numbers, etc

Step 3

Using professional business research services. If you are willing to spend some money, you can avail the services of professional business research companies. These services conduct not only business due diligence, but will also undertake legal research into the antecedents of the corporation. Business due diligence services will include research into patents, intellectual property or trademark trails for the corporation, contact information for top management and executives, market searches, competition information, etc.

Step 4

Look for information on lawsuits, legal proceedings, etc. You can do an advanced search on Google or any other search engines using the following keywords or phrase - "v XXX" or "XXX v" - where XXX is the corporation's name. This will give you information on legal proceedings instituted by or against that corporation.

You now have enough and more resources at your fingertips to search out the reputation and standing of any corporation that you are looking to associate with. Use the free or paid services to collect all relevant information.


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