How To Choose a Database for Automotive Accounts

A database enables you to handle multiple files of information for different departments of your business. A database can help you keep track of sales, inventory, client information, accounts receivable and payable and even payroll. There is a lot of specific software available in the market today that is very user friendly, and you can customize for your own particular business. This article focuses on Automotive accounts or databases specific for Auto dealerships.

Most Automotive Accounts database programs or Dealer Management Software (DMS) systems are not as easy to use as software for other industries. However, there are still a lot to choose from. A popular one is Car Sales Organizer Deluxe by PrimaSoft PC, which lets you customize your software based on your specific needs. There is also Dealer Elite and Dealer Desktop by Nowcom.

Here’s a guide to assist you in choosing the appropriate database for your automotive business.

Do your research. You can check out for an online list of DMS software. Ask other Dealerships or people in the trade what they recommend based on their experience. Check out blogs and reviews of product software.

Identify your needs. Your software should allow you to run credit reports, keep track on inventory, and allow you Buy Here Pay Here to make your accounting easier. If you don’t want to develop and manage your own DMS, you can choose to subscribe to those available in the market.

Determine the cost. DMS software has a monthly subscription fee. Check what is included in your monthly cost. Determine if there are installation fees or any other fees. Training should be free to learn to operate the program.

Ask for a demonstration. Once you have narrowed down your choices, it’s time to check the company website of the software you like and call them for a free demonstration. It’s just like buying a car: You need to test drive the software before making a commitment to purchase it. Let the person who will use the software be present during the demonstration. Ask questions and let the representative know what your specific concerns are. Let them know how extensive you want to use the program. Go with the software whose interface you are most comfortable with and do not require redundant data entry.

Ensure you have accessible technical support. Purchase a program that has on-call technical support. They should have a hotline available especially on weekends and holidays since that is when the bulk of your business occurs.

Whichever database software you go with, your staff must be fully trained to use the program. You must have someone onsite dedicated to operate the software and manage the information. Once you have purchased and learned to use your database software, it is a matter of data entry. It may be initially time consuming, but once it’s done, it’s easy to update information as needed. Ensure that information is regularly updated and obsolete information is purged to keep your database current.


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