How To Choose a Direct Mail List Broker

Direct mail marketers use a reliable mail list broker to get a good database of target consumers. This is a major investment for a direct mailer. A direct mail list allows a direct mailer to track the success of their direct mail campaign. It can measure the response time of customers and gives the direct mail marketer to connect and develop new potential customers as well as retain the regular ones. A direct mail list broker can provide you a consumer list based on the requirement of the product you are launching, introducing or marketing. The list can include people who stay at home or working, from identified professions and other criteria based on the consumer demographics that you have selected. Take a look at the tips on how to choose a direct mail list broker.

  • Determine what type of list you are going to buy or lease. A complied list is one that is gathered from phone directories, annual reports and credit bureaus. These are usually owned by mailing list owners who in turn supply them to list brokers for a fee. Database researchers are employed to keep a supply of names and contact information. The other type of mailing list is a response list which is compiled by mailing list owners from people who submit filled up warranty cards, from magazine subscriptions, to those who answer surveys and have inquired about products and services and have given permission to companies to contact them for new services and new products that will become available.
  • Choose a mailing list broker that can guarantee deliverability. This is the accuracy of the names included in the mailing list. They should conform to the industry standard of ninety-two percent deliverability. A good direct mail list broker will always have a fresh supply mailing list.
  • A good direct mail list broker should be able to provide you with a fresh list of business and consumer database every time. Do note that direct mail list brokers get their databases from mailing list owners so that current database that you have may also be used by other direct mail marketers.
  • Choose a direct mail list broker who is willing to work with you on your project and will provide you a targeted list based on your consumer demographic requirements. Determine as many consumer demographic options as you can so that you can narrow down your selection and will have a targeted list that can ensure great success in your marketing campaign. There is a minimum requirement when you lease a direct mail list. Minimum list starts at five thousand names and addresses.
  • Most legitimate direct mail list brokers will have subscription options based on a timetable and the number of names that you require. Most will provide you with a hard copy of the list in CD format or sent through your email as soon as you have completed your subscription. Most lists can be rented for the duration of the marketing campaign or rented for a specific time period.
  • Choose a mail list broker who has worked with other clients who are marketing the same type of product/s or targeting the same demographics because they will be able to help you better as they already have experience identifying the right target consumers.
  • Check the customer service features and return/refund policies of the mailing list broker. If the list that has been provided to you has plenty of errors and outdated information, you should be able to get a fresh list and/or get a refund.
  • Do not just choose a direct mail list broker off the rack. Do your homework and research the mailing list broker companies. Get in touch with them and inquire about the types of clients that they have served and their policies. Meet with their representatives to get more detailed information. They should be able to give you a run down of the services they offer, the types of clients they serve, their pricing strategies and refund and return policies. Look for a broker which specializes in the type of direct mail marketing you will be doing.
  • Check the Direct Marketing Association website and look for the name of the list broker. The association upholds the code of ethics of the industry and will be able to provide you with a good source of information on several direct mail list brokers in different states.

The tips given here should be enough for you to be able to choose a good direct mail list broker. Explore the Direct Marketing Association website to learn more and get valuable  information.


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