How To Choose a Direct Selling Company

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Before we discuss how to choose a direct selling company, we shall discuss first what direct selling means. Direct selling refers to the business of selling products on a person-to-person basis either directly or indirectly. You do direct selling directly when you approach potential customers yourself. You do it indirectly when you call customers through the telephone or when you conduct home parties. Direct selling is also called multilevel marketing or MLM and it lets you earn money even though you're self-employed, by selling the products and services of companies.

Since you're going to put your effort and hard work into it, choose the best direct selling company. If you have friends who are into direct selling, ask them for their advice. Find out if they can recommend any direct selling companies that might be suitable for you. One of the best direct selling tips is to choose a product or service that you are interested in. Not only will this make selling fun, it will also make it easier for you to research about it, since you're already interested in it.

Ask if the product or service has a reasonable price, and if it really works. Do not join direct selling scams. The line of products offered should be original and unique, but not to the point of being weird or unusual that nobody will buy them. Find out how much you can earn and how much time you have to allot weekly in order to achieve that profit. Ask what the perks and incentives are.

Research the history and reputation of the direct selling company you're interested in. Make sure it's valid and that it has been around for at least five years. Choose a direct selling company that offers free training and member support.

You can also consult the Internet. The New School Marketing has recently published a list of top network marketing companies, composed of 50 companies. The list was arranged by Alexa, a business website which makes reports on traffic to websites. Among the direct selling companies mentioned are: Avon, Usana, Ytb Travel, Quixtar, Mary Kay, Melaleuca, Success University, Herbalife, Pre-paid Legal and VM Direct.

If you're in Australia, you can try joining A Better Chance, which distributes products made by Educational Technologies. The products are designed for the early, formative years of children. Another direct selling company in Australia is Penny Miller, which offers a wide selection of products ranging from kitchen essentials to fitness and exercise equipment.

In the Philippines, a leading direct selling company is Natasha. It carries clothing, shoes, personal care products and accessories. Its market has even extended to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and the Middle East. Natasha's products are mostly produced from and created in the Philippines.

There are also a lot of direct selling companies in Malaysia, one of them being Zhulian Marketing (M) SDN BHD, which sells home care products, food and beverage, nutritional supplements, personal care products, and much more. It has a large network spanning more than 220 agencies across the South East Asian Region.

There are multilevel marketing software programs out there which can aid you in creating your direct selling party plan. Party Plan Solutions offers a 100% web-based party plan application specifically for direct selling companies. Thus, you can have access to your company's information from any computer. Look for a direct selling company that makes use of this or similar software; it can make direct selling much easier for you.


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