How To Choose a Home Office Desk

Every year, more and more people choose to work from home. This is possible because of the availability of home computers, fax machines, printers and high speed Internet connections. Working from home requires that you have the right tools and furnishing to make working conducive. The dining table is not the ideal home office desk. You will need a dedicated office desk located in a quiet area of your house. Choosing the right desk is essential to getting things done and increasing your productivity in the home office.

Material. You can select a desk make of wood, metal, glass, melamine, resin, and laminated wood or even plastic!  Hardwood is heavy but with the right finish, it gives your home office a very elegant feel. Glass is very modern. Metal desks are more contemporary. If you want the look of wood but have budgetary constraints, choose one made of resin. Plastic desks are not sturdy but are the least expensive.

Size. The size of the desk is dictated by how much space you have. Choose a desk that is enough for the tools and materials that you use for your work. For instance, if you have a computer, choose one that can fit the computer and still give you space to work on your papers. If you have the space and the money, you can opt for a dedicated computer table that can fit the computer, the printer and the fax machine. Then you can buy a smaller desk to do all your paperwork.

Shape. Office desks come in different shapes. There are rectangular or square ones that appear more stable and use the space in the room more efficiently. Desks shaped life a half moon, are wavy or curved, or even those that are round or oval are suited to creative people. When choosing the shape, make sure you consider how much space you have since irregularly shaped desks eat up more space. An L-shaped desk is a good option if you want to make full use of the limited space in your home office.

Color. Choose the color that you feel will best stimulate your mind. Dark colors help you concentrate more. Some say dark red energizes while green stimulates creativity.

Features. Consider how many drawers you will need. Should the drawers have locks?  Do you need the desk to have wheels so it can be mobile?  Do you need one with a hutch for extra storage?  A file cabinet beneath the desk is also an add-on you can explore. There are different add-ons or features to choose from so make sure to check all your options.

Cost. The cost of the desk will depend on the material, the shape and the size. There will surely be a desk out there in your price range. Choose whether you want a pre-assembled desk or one that you have to put together yourself. If you are having the desk delivered, inquire about delivery and possible installation costs.

Whether you work at home or in an office building, the office desk is the main piece of furniture that you will need. The desk is where all your writing, computer work and wheeling and dealing usually occur. It is very important to choose a desk that suits your type of work as well as your personality. Your office desk should be a tool that increases your productivity and creativity even in the confines of your home.


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