How To Choose a Memorandum Format

A memorandum is a written document that could record information or record the terms of a transaction. Laypersons may use memoranda or memorandums merely to communicate with another or while making a presentation. Technical persons use memorandums to make requests, announcements or sometimes to communicate reports.

While communicating anything, care should be taken regarding the format to be used. Memorandum formats may vary depending upon the kind of documents to be recorded. However, in any form of memorandum format, it is useful to have an introduction, the substance or the main subject of the memorandum and a conclusion. The simplest form of memorandum format would contain these three elements. All other forms of memorandum format contain variations or extensions of this.


The introduction to a memorandum format can be one sentence or a full paragraph or several paragraphs. It should contain in the least words possible what you are trying to convey. If the introduction is too long or verbose, you risk losing the attention of the reader or the person to whom the memorandum format is addressed.


The substance of the memorandum format should elaborate the introduction and provide the logical deduction, things to do, reason for the memorandum and/or other elements that form the subject matter of your contract. The substance should be precise, concise and project exactly what you want and no more, no less.
The substance of the memorandum format would also contain your opinion, comments, recommendations or criticisms as the case may be.


The conclusion to the memorandum format should summarise in the least words possible what you intended to convey and it should be ensured that the summary leaves a lasting impact on the reader or recipient of the memorandum.

Ready-made memorandum formats v/s tailor-made memorandum formats

All word processing software these days provide templates for memorandum formats. However, these memorandum formats vary depending upon the subject and are highly dressed up to make it look attractive. But when you are faced with memorandum formats that demand specific terms and conditions, the appearance of the memorandum format will bear little or no relevance. For instance, memorandum formats that record the terms of a transaction.

Everyone can write a memorandum and make a memorandum format. But what differentiates a good memorandum format from a bad one is the consistency that is followed while writing a memorandum format, language, layout, syntax, punctuations, simplicity and comprehensibility of language, grammar and, of course, the memorandum format.


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