How To Choose a Moving Company

Employing the help of moving companies can be challenging and slightly frightening, especially since hiring movers entails trusting all of your most valuable and intimate properties into the hands of others. Here’s how you can select a moving company that you can be comfortable and secure with.

  1. Type of service. Determine the type of moving service that the company will provide. There are several types of moving companies available, some of which will offer only one or the other services, while others will offer all of the services that you can possibly need for moving. Choose whether you will need trucking service, a household shipper, an interstate mover, a local mover, relocation services, or a pack and stack mover. Your location and how you want your goods to be transported will all determine the type of service that you should get.
  2. Recommendations. Today, most cities and neighborhoods will have at least a handful of families that have recently moved in. you should contact your close friends and neighbors and ask them about the moving company that they have employed in the past. These recommendations will give you an idea of how well the moving company has performed, and whether the company was able to provide professional service and careful handling of the household goods that they transported.
  3. Experience. Another important factor to consider is experience. Get the phonebook and search for the number of the movers that you want to hire, and ask about the experience which the movers have had in the past. Ask about the number of years that they have been in service, and the number of households that they have helped move. Ask also about the experience which their drivers and packers have had, and about the other services that their company offers. Usually, moving companies either offer or are affiliated with companies that provide storage services.
  4. License and memberships. Equally important is the license and memberships that the moving company has. Be sure that the company has license to operate, and that they have additional licensing and permissions for specific types of services, such as inter-state moving. The last thing that you want is to find out that your household was towed away at the interstate because of a lack of operating license on the part of your household mover. Usually, the moving companies that are affiliated with trade organizations like the American Movers Conference are a good choice. Apart from license and experience, you can also contact the Department of Labor and the Better Business Bureau to check whether the moving company has the necessary licenses and whether any complaints have been filed against them in the past.
  5. Estimates. Finally, consider the price for the project. An easy way to check for price quotes is through the web. Visit the company’s online sites and check for prices, and then compare these with other movers. For more accurate price quotes, however, you can call the company for a detailed interview.

Through these steps, ending up with a moving company that provides reliable service and which you can be comfortable with is possible.


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