How To Choose a Paper Storage Rack

Paper storage is necessary, especially in business offices. If your interest is in scrapbooking or similar hobbies, scrapbook storage is needed for paper organization and efficiency as well. An appropriate rack for your reams of paper will not only give a clean and organized look to your workplace, but will also help in managing your scrap papers. In choosing the most appropriate rack or bin for your paper archival, these are the principles to consider.

  1. The amount of paper that will be stored. If your business or hobby is small in scale, it would not be advisable to store large amounts of paper because even when properly stored, the time it will take for you to use these up will age and lessen the strength of the paper. Determine your paper consumption each quarter, and purchase only enough for this time period. Once you have determined the amount you need, you can now proceed to choosing the appropriate storage rack.
  2. Type of paper to be used. If you are using letter and legal sized papers only, you can opt to use a drawer made of wood or cardboard as a paper container. This will guard the papers from outside elements while also functioning as an organizing mechanism for your office. The drawers should be small and with 3 or 4 containers or shelves only. The width of the container should be roughly the size of the papers that you will use.
  3. Use shelves for bigger types of papers. If you are into paper crafts, you will likely use different types of paper such as Manila paper. When using these kinds of papers, use racks made of metals and which have larger widths. These racks must be placed on a pedestal to prevent your paper from coming into contact with the ground. You can also use shelves placed on top of your drawers or on other low-rise shelves, to save space.
  4. Choose bins or boxes with compartments. Once of the most common mistakes made when choosing paper storage units is choosing bins or boxes that are large but have few compartments.  If your storage unit has too many big compartments, it can lessen workspace. Keep in mind that storage space is always subordinate to working space. Therefore, it is better to go for smaller storage gear with more compartments, especially if you will store papers in various sizes.
  5. Always remember that the bin is not always the biggest factor. The place where you will put the storage is also another crucial point. Put it in a cool, dry place, preferably on higher grounds or stable platforms. This will minimize the formation of acid storage in your boxes, which can occur if the acids used in your paper come into contact with excess moisture. Once the acids are released, the paper can become brittle.

Just keep these three factors in mind: efficiency, space and workability. Buy wisely and you are on your way to a successful storage scheme.


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