How To Choose a Promotional or Event Staffing Provider

If you’re planning to hold a promotional event, it would be important to have event staffing providers who could help you get the necessary personnel for the occasion. It’s hard enough to be the main brains behind a project and still be the one tidying the place at the last minute. Those concerns are best left at the hands of people you could instruct to do what you want them to do.

Holding an event can be quite a stressful thing, and sometimes knowing where to get the personnel you need to man the stations could lessen the amount of aggravation and tension that a coordinator is experiencing. Here’s how you choose a promotional or event staffing provider:

  1. Get references from family and friends. People from your circle who have hosted an event before would probably know companies that give you the chance to have specially trained personnel to man your event. Talk to these people to ask what their event was, how big the crowd was and what skills does the events personnel had at their disposal.
  2. Obtain the contact details of the personnel providers and try to contact them with some time to go before your event – around a month or so. Ask about their event of expertise. Some companies may be better suited to help out in concerts while some would be better off in weddings and other large parties.
  3. Ask about their portfolio and past experience as a company that gives out personnel for events. What type of events have they helped out in? What type of venues do they usually work in?
  4. Determine the type of personnel that you would need for your events. For big events like concerts and dinners, it would be important to have some sort of receptionist at the front desk to sort out all comers while ushers and usherettes could come escort the guests to their seats. You could probably get some people who could serve food or drinks to the guests as your event is ongoing.
  5. Always ask the providers if they could cover for other services. This would allow you to wiggle into some room for negotiation. Most of these companies would agree to such terms just to keep the deal. Be reasonable with your demands. These extra services may include having some porters, janitors or other stage hands that could help you move things around as you are preparing for the beginning of the gathering.

Testimonials and word of mouth are critical in making this choice since these firms are not really publicized nor do they spend a lot for advertising. Take the opinions of your family and friends into consideration and you would probably have a much easier time deciding where you want to get your next party’s servers, ushers and support people from.


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