How To Choose a Receipt Book

The first step in choosing your receipt book, will depend on several things. The type of business and business structure will be important. It will also depend on the bookkeeping system you are using.

For a simple sales business a small size booklet with just one carbon copy may be sufficient. The customer gets one copy and you leave the other in the book as a permanent record.

This type of  book would also be sufficient for craft shows and  flea markets, when the customer requires a receipt of his purchase. They are used whenever a sale is made to a customer and either you or the customer needs to have a written record.

For larger business , a larger invoice  book may be required. A book that has multiple carbon copies may be needed. For example, one copy for your department, another copy for  the shipping department, and a copy for  the customer. The accounting department may also require a copy.

Invoices and receipts must also be kept for sales tax reporting.

Most businesses now use computer software to print all the receipts needed. But it may not be practical to expect to use a computer or laptop on every transaction.

So the number one step is to decide how many copies of the invoice you will need.

The next step would be to decide whether you want to have an order a receipt book that is pre-printed with your business information or if you will use a rubber stamp. Determining this may depend on whether or not you want to go to the expense of having it pre-printed, as they can be quite costly.

In any situation where you give the customer an invoice receipt, you want to have your business information on the receipt, so the customer can contact you for future orders or in case there is a mistake or wrong shipment.

An invoice book can be purchased in several sizes. Decide if you will need a book that fits in your briefcase or purse, or if a larger size book, kept on your desk or counter will be sufficient.

The receipts should always be numbered in sequence. This number is usually pre-printed. When you purchase the receipt book , take a quick look at the numbers and make sure no number was skipped, the same as you do when you receive  new checks for your bank account. You do not want to be frantically searching for a certain receipt, when it wasn't there to begin with.

Never miss a chance to put your business information, message or logo in front of potential customers. Print it on your sales receipts, your envelopes and your stationery.


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