How To Choose a Wall Color for a Daycare

Since daycare centers are considered a safe and nurturing haven for children, the establishment needs to be designed in a particular way; it should be child-friendly.  One awesome way to get the design just right is by choosing the right colors of the interior walls that will be relaxing and motivational to the children that will frequent the place.  You may believe it or not, colors can greatly affect the mood and attitude of a child.  So, when painting the walls of your daycare center, make sure that you consider these tips when it comes to choosing the paint color.

  • Different colors for different moods.  In a daycare center, you will definitely have various rooms that will cater to the different needs of the child.  One room may be the play room while another room may be used for naps and sleeping.  This being the case, you will want the colors of a specific room to match and encourage the activity in each room.  For instance, you will definitely want to use bright and lively colors for a play room and for the nap room, you will want to use darker colors that will encourage the children to sleep.
  • Decide if you want murals or not.  Some rooms will probably be designed with various artworks and murals.  Obviously, there will be a mix of colors.  However, you will first want to lay the base and shades of white will have to be it.  Now, the colors for the artwork should fit the mood or ambience of the room.  Hence, if the room is for play, then make sure that the artwork will be composed of bright colors.
  • Consider yellow and green for play and learning.  Yellow and bright green are considered to be the best colors for learning and play.  It promotes security and safety as well.  Hence, any child will be encouraged to be more active while still calm and relaxed when the room he is in features these colors.
  • No to reds.  Red or any shade of red is not a good color to have in any room in the center.  It is a heavy stimulant of energies that are not conducive to what you want them to feel in the place.  Reds tend to bring up the negative emotions which you don’t really want.
  • Go blue.  For your nap area, it is highly recommended to stick with a calm and relaxing blue.  Sky and navy blue are both viable options.  According to psychologists, the color blue allows a person to relax and keep calm.  This is why, it is recommended to be used for a room where relaxation is the mood desired.

When painting the rooms with the appropriate color, make sure to consider painting the ceiling and furniture in the room using a color that will complement the color on the wall.  For instance, if the room is blue, then mixing white and a darker shade of blue is a good option.  If the room is green, then considering adding brown or yellow to the mix.  Stay away from black and red as these are never good colors for children. 


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