How To Choose an Article Submission Service

Website articles are the current trend in directing traffic to your website. Articles with the right web search keywords make your site stand out from the rest by appearing on the first page of web search results. The increased hits that you gain from promoting your website in this manner will give your site exposure and, of course, income potential.  However, web articles are not going to do their job of marketing your site if you don’t submit them to an article submission service.
Choosing the right article submission service is tedious. Scores of article directories cater to every type of niche you can find on the web. Most have free registrations but the fact that you need to keep track of numerous accounts before you could submit them to their site entail plenty of time. However, outsourcing can be done. The real issue is choosing which article submission service will best spotlight your article and, ultimately, your website.

A good article submission service:

  1. Lets you know how they operate. Professionals have a flowchart, which shows you how they go about their service from beginning to end. They should also be able to register your article using the same account information; that makes it easier to track its reception.
  2. Submits articles to the prominent article directories. Experts know which types of article directories are reputable and gain more traffic. Some directories might get the site suspended or banned even though it might rank high on searches.
  3. Indexed by the search engine and the target audience. Look for suppliers that submit your article to sites that are cataloged by popular search engines. This allows your article to be viewed by the market niche you intend to reach through your website.
  4. Distributes your articles at gradual intervals. Search engines often ignore articles that are published almost at the same time in the directories. This appears as an irregular algorithm and would most likely ignore your articles in the web search.
  5. Boosts your articles for search mechanisms. Specialists will provide this service at no additional cost. They should be able to put links to your website at the end of each article and provide the article with keywords that makes it buoyant in searches.
  6. Supplies additional services. Authorities in article submission offer additional services for their clients like professional writing or search engine optimization sets. This makes your article stand out from the rest of the items that crop up during a search.

Choose one that’s worth every penny. A cheap monthly fee for this kind of service might raise red flags since submitting articles to the directories is tedious and takes a lot of man hours. Do your research and survey how much most of them are charging per month.

There are many article submission services out there that would be willing to take on the daunting task of submitting your articles and getting that web traffic going. Decide on the one which can perform the services listed above and can grow with your company.


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