How To Choose an Elder Law Attorney

Caring for the old members of your family is a noble and honorable task. You will be challenged most especially when the older family members need very special and delicate care-care that caters to special situations or diseases like Alzheimer's disease, dementia or health issues that make older people lose their faculties and basic functions. This kind of stress will eat any unwilling and unprepared families.

Questions and concerns when it comes to caring for the elderly especially for legal and financial queries are best dealt with the consultation with an elder law attorney. Elder law attorneys provide expert advice on guardianship, Medicaid applications, estate and asset protection planning. They can also help out in talking and dealing with powers of attorney in terms of living wills and other related issues. Here are some tips on how choose an elder law attorney to help you in your legal issues.

  • Stop in the name of the law for the elderly. Hold it. Do not go to any hotshot lawyer. Before you reach out to any hot shot lawyer, make sure that you have done some little pre-work on this legal consultation. Go online and search for forums and old archives of cases similar to what you and your family are going through. Read up and beef up on the information so lawyers will not run circles around you. Also shore up on legal matters and read old books for more reference. Hitting online forums may not provide you solutions, but it will give you leads on how to go about your situation. Knowledge is power in this series of events.
  • Contact for contacts. No man is an island. Even in the eyes of the law. So go and ask around. Ask for referrals from relatives, co-workers, doctors and friends. In this way you will get the lessons they have learned and have an easier time in tackling this issue. Remember to say thanks to all those who offer you assistance in your time of need. You will never know when they can be of service to you again.
  • Hit the bar for hook ups. Go for the local bar association to get the vital information and referrals needed in choosing an elder law attorney. The local bar can hook you up with the lawyers who have handled elder law situations. A lawyer who has experienced assisting elder law situations can provide you with the right solutions as well as a comprehensive long-term care plan for your elderly. A lawyer of this caliber will be well versed in estate planning, Social Security, Medicaid laws and other relevant issues.
  • Curiosity saved that cat. Ask questions. It is your right to know details. Do not be intimidated by lawyers. They work to help you so go ahead and ask them every detail that bothers you. Asking will also reveal how good the lawyer is. It is a way to ease your worries and test if you are in good hands with your lawyer.
  • This is not exclusive dating. Once you have talked to one lawyer, talk to another. It is your right to look for the best lawyer to help you out.
  • Heart is where the home is. A lawyer can be cold and shrew. So look for one that has the compassion, patience and sincerity to put up with your queries.

The best days of an elder's life might have passed him but that doesn't mean he has to see you worry. There's a way to help him enjoy life with you. Get an elder lawyer to iron out kinks and issues.


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