How To Choose Corporate Awards

Happy employees are productive employees. But how can you make your employees happy if you do not reward their efforts? This is the reason why corporate awards were created—to give credit to employees who performed exceptionally well for the company.
If you want to give corporate awards to your dedicated employees, here are some steps that can lead you to choosing corporate awards.

  1. Determine the corporate awards you will give. Companies usually hold a yearly event when they can also give corporate awards to their employees. One of the most common awards is the employee of the month award. Meanwhile, There are companies that give credit to the most punctual employee or the most productive employee. Special awards are also given, like awards for returning a precious thing to a customer, for saving a life, or for immediately responding to an emergency. There are also service awards for employees rendering 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, etc., years of employment.
  2. Shop for a crystal, glass, or acrylic trophy or similar items that can signify the corporate award. Deciding whether to give a trophy, plaque, or a reward is easy as long as you know what will work well. It is best to give glass, acrylic or crystal plaques or trophies if the employee has an office or a space where he can display the award. Giving rewards is best for low-profile employees. But it is advisable to include at least a medal or a certificate with that reward. There are many stores that can provide you with these awards, anyway. It will be best to ask their opinion since they are experts on this field.
  3. Consider the reason for giving the award. You may have already decided to give a crystal plaque. However, you can’t think of a good design yet. It is best that you consider the reason for giving that award. Choose a trophy or plaque with an engraved baseball design if the award will be for the company’s baseball champion. A crystal plaque with the employee’s engraved face is best for the employee of the year or employee of the month award.
  4. The words on the award matter a lot. A beautiful glass, crystal, or acrylic trophy, medal, or plaque will just be a beautiful thing unless engraved with your appreciation for the employees. This is why the words that will be engraved on the award are very important. State the reason for giving the award, the recipient of the award, the date when the award will be given, and the people who will give the award.

Finally, you have the corporate awards you want to give to your hardworking employees. Now, it’s time to plan where and when the award will be given. It is best to distribute the awards publicly or on a company’s special occasions, like an anniversary.

You may also want to consider giving each of your employees special recognition. This is to compensate those who worked well for the company, though not as well as those you gave special awards to. However, doing this is not advisable for companies with many employees.

Just keep in mind that the beautiful glass, crystal, or acrylic trophies, medals, or plaques are only representations of the real award that your employees will receive. The most important thing is that their efforts were properly rewarded and recognized no matter what material you use as a corporate award. Through that, you can make your employees feel their important place in the company.


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