How To Choose Packaging Tape

There are different types of packaging tape that can be used for different surfaces. There are pressure sensitive tapes, sealing tapes, gaffers tape, acrylic tape and duct tape. If you are going to pack something away, it is good to know the different types of packaging tapes that you can use so that you can seal your boxes and containers tightly. By doing this, you will not need to worry about anyone tampering with the contents of your package.

Here are the types of packaging tape and when you can use them:

  • Pressure sensitive tape. The pressure sensitive tape can also be called the PSA tape or simply, stick tape. This type of tape can stick to a surface without the need of heat or water. It is not only used for packaging, it is also used for holding equipment in place, masking, wound dressings, spikes used for production shoots and as tapes used in sports, such as lacrosse and hockey. The other side of these sticky tapes can be plastic or cloth.
  • Filament tape. Filament tape is a type of pressure sensitive tape that is typically used for sealing storage boxes. The most common widths for a filament tape are 12 or 24 millimeters. Filament tapes can be used in factories or at home. They usually come with a tape dispenser so that you can easily seal your boxes without having to cut the strong and sticky tape with scissors.
  • Gummed paper tape. Gummed paper tape is another type of tape that can be used in packaging. These tapes are commonly seen in factories of paper and cartons, usually in the packing industry. The dispenser for this type of tape is larger than the normal dispenser as it is used mostly used for heavy duty work.
  • Acrylic tape. Acrylic tape is an adhesive that is used for sealing tough materials. The material is high strength so it is good for different applications. Aside from packaging, acrylic tapes can also be used for car accessories. Using this type of tape is better than using fastening systems for your vehicle. You can get this acrylic tape from 3M.
  • Pre-printed tapes. Pre-printed tapes are used in packaging boxes that contain fragile materials. There is not much difference between a pre-printed tape and other packaging tapes. The only difference is that pre-printed tapes have prints on them that say ‘fragile’ or other warning prints so that you will not have to write on the box.
  • Rubber adhesive. Rubber adhesive packaging tapes are used for surfaces that have extreme temperatures. This is usually used in a cold storage or it can also be used in hot conditions. The good thing about this type of packaging tape is that it keeps its stickiness even when exposed to different conditions.

These are some of the packaging tapes that you can use for different conditions. You can learn more about the different types of tapes by visiting some tape manufacturers, such as Packaging Tape Depot. You can visit the website at


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