How To Choose the Best Pizza Franchise

Owning a small business is the ultimate American dream! Buying an existing business or signing up as a franchisee is among the easiest ways to fulfill this dream. While franchises are available across a variety of products and services, a pizza franchise is a hands-down winner, basically for the ease and simplicity involved in setting one up. There are many pizza brands available in the market which offer franchises along with the necessary training and backup systems, which smooth the way even for beginners. When it comes to choosing a pizza franchise, there are two broad categories of franchises you can choose from:

  1. Franchises which are nationally popular, such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc.
  2. Local brands which are popular in a particular state or region.

If you’re quite sure that you want to invest in the pizza franchise business, this is just a miniscule part of the considerations you must take into account, before you get started with choosing the best pizza franchise. The factors which you must take into consideration are:

  • How much are you willing or able to invest?
  • What is the cost of buying a franchise?
  • What amounts of investment are required for setting up infrastructure for the franchise – location, equipment, licensing fees, etc?
  • Reputation and performance of the company offering the franchise
  • Local competition in the area you plan to site your franchise
  • Demand for the franchise product (with pizza, you should have no worries on this score!)
  • Training and support provided by the franchise company
  • How much hands-on management is required and how much will you be able to provide?

The best pizza franchises to choose from:

Having listed the most important factors to be taken into consideration before becoming a franchisee, here’s some basic information on the 5 best pizza franchises you can choose from. The information provided is the sum of initial investment required, cost of the franchise license, training and support provided and the approximate start-up costs.

  1. Pizza Hut- A globally-renowned brand with franchises all over the world. The franchise license costs $25,000 and your investment; worthiness should be $250,000 and upward. The minimum start-up costs range between $300,000 and $3 million! The company provides an intensive training program which is between 12-16 weeks and you should be willing and able to open a minimum of three stores within a span of three to five years.
  2. Domino’s Pizza - Domino’s offers several types of franchises – straight investment, own-and-operate, employee-to-franchise owner or provide real estate for different types of stores. The franchise fee could cost up to $25,000, upfront investment required is $250,000 per store and start-up costs are between $120,000 and $470,000.
  3. Cici’s Pizza - This company offers both buffet franchises as well as pizza-to-go stores. Training period ranges between 3-4 weeks for the to-go stores and 8-12 weeks for the full-range buffet stores. Franchise fee is tagged at 30% of total costs, upfront investment required is $135,000-$215,000 and expected start-up costs are $450,000-$715,000.
  4. Papa John’s - Franchise fee is $25,000, upfront investment is $250,000 per store and start-up costs are between $135,000 and $495,000. Training consists of 3 weeks at the company’s headquarters and an additional 3-4 weeks at an established franchise store.
  5. Little Caesar’s Pizza - No franchise fees are denoted, upfront investment-worthiness is about $150,000 of which at least $50,000 should be in cash or other liquid assets. Start-up costs can run from $185,000 to $520,000.

For more information on individual franchises, you can fill in a query application form at the respective company websites and get started on the way to owning your own pizza franchise. A few other known pizza franchises include Wings-Pizza-n-Things, Vocelli Pizza, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, Extreme Pizza, the list is quite long, giving you a wide range of choices when it comes to investment. 


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