How To Choose the Right Work Desk in the Office

You spend a lot of time at your work desk when you're in your office. So when you're choosing a desk, it's got to be perfect for you. Not just any old work surface will do! Here are some things to consider when you're picking out a new desk for your office.

Step 1

Choose a desk with a large work area. Your desk is your own personal work space when you're at the office. So it's important for your work desk to be large enough to meet your needs. Choose a work desk that can house your keyboard, monitor, telephone and printer. In addition, your work desk should have a large area where you can lay out projects, meet with team members, or just have as a table to eat your lunch at. V-shaped desks, or ones that have tables off to the side of the main work area, are ideal if you will be using your work desk for multiple purposes.  If there is enough room for all of your technical equipment and you've got space for your incidental projects, then it's a good desk to choose.  

Step 2

Purchase a desk that has lots of storage space. Work desks these days need to have lots of spaces that you can store things in. Not only is this great at helping you stay organized, but it's also functional. By having everything that you need right at your fingertips, you'll save time.  (Everyone knows how long those trips to the supply room can take when you consider all the distractions!) Your work desk should provide you with spaces to keep everything that you need so that you can continue to be productive all day long, such as pens, paper, files and general office supplies. Choose a work desk that has several drawers, perhaps a keyboard tray, and at least one drawer for your files. If you can get a work desk with a hutch too, you'll really appreciate the added storage this brings.

Step 3

Pick a desk that suits your style. All functionality aside, you have to like your computer desk. Modern office work desks are steering away from the industrial look for work desks. Solid wood desks are much more relaxing and attractive in offices. Go with a solid wood work desk, or at least one that has a bit of color and style to it. Maybe you can take your dreary work desk and paint it or add some design to it to make your work desk your own. You'll find that you enjoy your office space much more if you choose a desk that you will enjoy having in your office space.


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