How To Clean a Company Office

A number of companies will have janitorial services to keep the office in top shape, but for small business, the company office can be kept clean without the help of janitors. Here’s how.

Clean the desks. Start with the desks. Remove all the scraps of paper that are left unarranged on the desks. As much as possible, instruct the people who are working in the office to mind their own tables and tidy up their own files. Provided organizing equipment to help the office workers do this, such as clips, file holders, and boxes where they can keep their important documents. Separate the trash papers and send these to recyclers.

Replace or refill the supplies. Next, remove the trash from the garbage cans and replace the garbage bags in the trashcans. Clean the other office equipment such as the sink and the small appliances that are found in the office. Most offices will have a coffee maker, a microwave and other small devices that can be cleaned using cloth dipped in soapy water. Make sure that you do not rinse the appliances in water, however.  Also check other supplies such as the paper, clips, staples, pens, and other office materials. Restock if necessary.

Clean the bathrooms. The bathrooms should also be kept clean. Do this by purchasing a bathroom kit that consists of toilet bowl cleaners, mops, scrubs, disinfectants, and deodorizers. Clean the bowls using the toilet bowl cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soften the stains and the dirt in the bowl for fifteen minutes before using the scrub to remove the dirt. Flush afterwards. Pour detergent cleaners on the floor and scrub. Rinse and then mop dry. Afterwards, place disinfectants and deodorizers in small spray bottles and spray on top of toilet bowls and sinks.

Clean the carpet. Because offices tend to have plenty of foot traffic, the carpet should also be regularly cleaned. Use carpet cleaners that can be rented out in local hardware shops. Add in the mixture and allow the carpet cleaner to soak the carpet with the cleaning solution for several hours. Afterwards, the turn the drying functioning in the carpet cleaner which will suck the water. Clean the carpets during weekends to give the carpet enough time to dry.

Clean the windows. The office windows should also be cleaned. While there are commercially available window cleaners, you can make your own by using a solution of one part white vinegar and one part plain water. Use a soft cloth to rub the spots out of the windows, using this solution.

Clean the computers. Finally, clean the computers in the office. Wipe the body of the computers and the keyboards. Defrag the hard drive, run a virus scan, and check the disk for errors. As much as possible, also make backups for the files stored in the computer. Also check the wirings in the computer systems, where plenty of dust can accumulate and which can become tangled through time.

Keeping your company office in shape and clean can be done without the need to hire professional janitorial services. Make sure that you clean regularly, and that you ask for the cooperation of other individuals working in the office, to keep the premises clean.


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