How To Close a Sale Over the Phone

It’s harder to make a sale over the phone. It is also easier to say no or hang up the phone than it is to walk away from a live salesperson.

Here are a few tips that will help close that deal over the phone:

Smile when you talk on the phone. Even if you are only talking to your client on the phone, it is important to keep a smile on your face. The customer will surely hear it when he answers. You will most likely be accommodated when you have a friendly voice.

Have a good introduction. The first few sentences that you say to the customer over the phone should hook your customer right in. Be sure that your first few statements are interesting so that you can get and keep the attention of the customer.

Be ready with your spiels. Know what you are going to say right from the very start to the last goodbye. You have to have what to say next in mind. You must be ready to answer the questions that they might have. A quick reply means you know what you’re talking about and conveys confidence. Confidence sells and makes you more believable. If they express some doubts, you have to know what to say to get them back on that deal. These pre-made responses are known as spiels. Know your spiels well. Memorize them and know when to use them.

Be firm. Ask your customer open ended-questions so that he will talk to you and you will learn what he really wants. Give him time to answer your questions and do not rush him into it. Be firm but not too forceful.

Listen to the customer. People tend to forget this—learn to listen. A phone is a way to communicate two ways. Listen to your customer and probe him. Try and understand him, and adapt your style, rate of speech, voice and delivery depending on your customer.

Have a good attitude. Have the right attitude. Smile and be confident and enter the phone call with the intent and belief that you are going to make a sale by the end of the call. How are you going to get him to believe in you if you do not even believe in yourself?

Know the product you are selling. Tell him about what you are trying to sell. Tell him how this product is going to fulfill his needs. Give him the full features, the advantages that you have over the products and the added benefits of getting the product from you.

Close the deal. If you have gotten to the point where you have told your customer about the product, it is time to ask for the order, how many does he want and when does he want to get it. Ask for the order. Some salesmen forget to do this.

To quote a famous film, “Remember your ABCs. Always Be Closing.” That’s exactly what you need to remember when you are trying to close a deal by the phone.


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