How To Communicate in Global Business

Gone are the days when only letters and personal meet-ups were your ways on how to communicate in global business. Today, almost all businesses can go global—that’s thanks to the Internet. With more and more users and wider scope, the Internet is fast becoming the main communication avenue for business-to-business negotiation. But how will you use the power of the Internet to your business’ advantage?

1.    Email. This mode of communication is good for your company because it helps you detail what you can do for another company. This is also good for the receiver because they can take time to know your company better and think about your offer before replying. Email sending is also considered to be more professional than any other modes of Internet communication. When sending email, though, make sure that you put your company’s complete name, website, email address, contact numbers, and local address. Have your company’s logo as well. As much as possible, send an email using your own mail client and not those free mail clients such as Gmail or Yahoo! since these will make you appear unprofessional.

2.    Video Conference/Meeting. It’s not always a financially wise choice to go on a business trip just to talk with the other company’s representative. If it’s okay for them to go on a video conference, then have that instead. Sometimes, you don’t need to be physically there to meet the person. Video meeting is already enough to negotiate about your proposal.

3.    Instant Messaging. Some companies are okay with chatting or instant messaging. This is the best choice if you think the accent of either party can destroy the goodness of business communication. Instant messaging is real-time communication, anyway, so you get the benefit of real-time interactive communication.

4.    Internet call. Instant messaging services today offer calling computer to computer. This will help you save phone bills while taking advantage of talking with the person who is located in the other side of the globe. This is also a faster communication than chatting but is less professional than video conferencing.

Despite the availability of these communication methods, some businesses are still more comfortable doing it the old way. In that case, you have to please your potential business partner and communicate using the traditional way.

Using the Internet-way of communicating can be time- and money-consuming. But using traditional communication can be more appealing for the other business. Here are some traditional ways you can communicate in a global business:

  • Letter. It can be costly but what are some hundred bucks for a multi-million dollar deal? Make sure that this letter is as impressive as possible, though. This is mostly the first line of communication so it should leave a good impression.
  • Meeting. How serious is the deal for your business? Is that as serious as riding the plane for eight hours just to talk with a person? If yes, then do that. You may have some things to lose when you do this but think of this as an investment. After all, most traditional businessmen like it better to meet the company’s representative in person rather than imagine what you really look like.

Everything is global nowadays. And if you want your business to continue living, you should be on top of the competition and invest in a global business. If you don’t do that, your business might slowly die.


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