How To Compare Auction Software

Auctions can now be held online and this is made possible by auction software. Auction software is a kind of computer software that allows people to post their wares for sale online and other people to bid on them as well. EBay is an example of an online company that uses auction software. 

Presently, there are numerous software companies that developed auction software for companies engaged in online auctions. If you are looking for the best auction software for your online auction requirements, you should first shop around and compare the different auction software programs available in the market today. Here's how to look for the perfect auction software:

  1. Assess the general features of the software. The software should be available for use in different computer platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux. Take into consideration the rental package of the software company leasing the product. It should be inexpensive and should be as flexible as allowing you to terminate your contract should you feel the need to do so. Try the auction software firm that offers a free trial period. The software should also have a provision for use on a wireless handheld device.
  2. Assess the specific features of the software. Basically, auction software programs should include a purchase order system, consignment order system, inventory system, invoicing and accounting. Depending on your online auction site's requirements, you can ask your software vendor to provide other more specific features.
  3. Consider the language used. The best choice would be one that is custom made for your needs but this is the most expensive option. You can opt to find one that uses C++ language or ColdFusion™. The least expensive option would be one that uses free programming languages like ASP or PHP.
  4. Find a reliable software company. The best choice is a company that is part of Fortune 1000. Choosing a large company guarantees stability and that you can count on your software provider for a long period of time. 
  5. Choose the auction software that is highly scalable. You would not want to restrict your auction site's use to only a number of hits, right? A highly scalable auction software can accommodate the heavy traffic and activity of your online auction site.
  6. Beware of bugs. The auction software must be alpha and beta tested before release. This should include testing the software with your customized settings.
  7. Reliable customer support. Full customer support should be offered through phone, e-mail, chat and snail mail. Customer support should also be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  8. Usability and design. The auction software should be user-friendly because not all individuals who will use it are tech savvy. The graphic design should also be attractive and should be customized to your needs.

Before you settle on one auction software for your site, use the points stated above and make a comparison table while doing your window shopping. Not all auction software programs are alike so you should be wise enough to get your money's worth.


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