How To Compare Call Center Software Vendors

The call center industry is one of the top money makers today, and it is no wonder that more call centers are being put up right now. The industry is global and offshore offices are almost the norm. With this boom comes the proliferation of call center software vendors. With the demand for high-end products that provide seamless integration, ease of use and sophisticated and advanced features, it is increasingly difficult to make the right decision when it comes to which vendor has the right solution and which vendor can work together with you.

Here are some tips to evaluate potential call center software vendors. Take a look.

  1. There is no specialization for software vendors when it comes to call center software applications. So it will be better to evaluate these vendors in terms of their business aside from their products.
  2. Look for a vendor with several years of experience in the business and in dealing with clients that have the same size of operation as you do. This can be your benchmark and your gauge as to the flexibility of the company to work with large and small companies.
  3. Read industry reviews, market surveys and market reports as you look for a stable and successful company. Inquire about what their long-term business plans are, how they will upgrade and update your software application and how long they have been in the business. In the same vein, you should also look for and read industry reviews on the products the vendors carry.
  4. Find a vendor who has 24/7 technical support. They should also be able to provide on-site training to your agents as well as your IT staff and server administrator to get the maximum usage from the program.
  5. Check if their software can be easily integrated to your current system without the need to acquire other programs. Inquire also about how long the integration will take place and if it can support your current phone system.
  6. Request for and check references from at least three current call center clients. Be sure to call these references to inquire about their experiences with dealing with these particular vendors, the end-user experience that they have, the after sales support that they received as well as the performance of the software program. See if they have some negative comments to offer for certain vendors and ask the reasons why this happened.
  7. If you are dealing with resellers, you also should evaluate the company they are representing.
  8. Though it may be difficult, assess the vendor in terms of their commitment to their product. The vendor should be able to discuss with you the plans they have for the product, the upgrades that they can and will provide you and display their willingness to grow their business together with you.
  9. Ask for a demonstration and if it is possible to test-drive the software application before you make your final decision.

It pays to do your home work first before you even call the call center software vendors to have them submit their proposals. As the call center industry is always in the forefront, there are several industry reports that are available. As a member of the call center industry you are bound to be updated on call center industry news. You can also subscribe to industry newsletters and join industry associations to gain more industry insights.


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