How To Compare Postage Machines

An office postage machine is a great way to cut down on mailing costs, time, and energy spent. Postage machines can automatically weigh the items being mailed and provide the postage stamp with the correct amount. Thus, the task of mailing becomes easy especially, if you will be mailing bulk mail.

A postage machine is rented or leased by a provider. This is because the meters in the postage machines are regulated by the country's postal authority. Your office may set up a prepaid account with the postage machine service provider to pay for the postage being printed.

With the presence of numerous postage machine service providers available in the market today, it is best to know some important points to consider in comparing postage machines. Here's what you should know:

  1. Consider the amount your office spends on postage. That will give you an idea of your budget, and you should be aiming for a postage machine provider that will give you an offer lower than what your office is normally spending.
  2. Compare the amount of mail your office sends both on relaxed and busy days. If your office does not spend more on postage than $50 a month, you may just look for a postage meter provider that can allow you to print postage stamps directly from your office computer. During the lean months, you can ask sales representatives to give you free rental months to save on costs. In fact, some postage machine service providers can offer six months to one year of free machine rental just so they can close a deal. Be aggressive in asking for deals.
  3. Assess the type of mail your office sends. If your company frequently sends big parcels, you may want to look for a postage machine that can accommodate that much weight. Look at their gallery of postage machines, and seek advice regarding the type of postage machine suitable to your needs.
  4. Look for authorized postage machine service providers. You may search online for provider websites. The U.S. Postal Service can also provide you a list of their accredited postage machine providers. Scrutinize their offerings and payment options. Also take note of the support they provide with regard to machine repairs or upgrades. Since the postage prices are regulated, the prices between different providers will not be that great, but they will differ greatly in terms of the add-on services they offer.
  5. Consider getting your postage machine supplies from an outside source. You will only be renting the machine from your service provider, you are not required to purchase the accessories and supplies from them. Shop around for cheaper ink, mailing tape, and sealing liquid. You'll be surprised that there are others who provide cheaper supplies for your postage machine.

Postage machines make mailing tasks in the office easier. However, since the machine is accessible to everyone in the office, you should always be on guard looking after office personnel who print postage onto non-office related mail.


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