How To Complete a Self Evaluation for Your Performance Review

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Completing a self evaluation of your performance may be difficult for you. This is important so that you can see if you have improved your skills and see your progress in your job. Managers also use this review in order to see whether you are eligible for a higher position in the office. The key to filling out a self evaluation form is to be honest. You will find that evaluating yourself is not that difficult after all.

Here are the tips on how you can complete a self evaluation for your performance review:

  • Read and understand. As soon as you receive the self evaluation form, read and understand the instructions on how you need to answer it. Take note of the deadline so that you can make time to answer the questions without hurrying.
  • Schedule answering the evaluation. It will be better for you if you make time to answer the evaluation. Do not do it while you are busy with other things. You have to have a clear mind when you answer the evaluation so that you can assess yourself and your progress properly. Answer the evaluation around two days before you have to pass it.
  • Read each statement carefully. Read through the statements of the things that you need to answer before you make your decision. Reading it a few times will be helpful for you to understand the statements better. Take time in making your decision and do not rush into things.
  • Support your statements. Some self evaluations are done in essay form. Make sure that you support the statements that you write down on the forms. You can write down specific projects and dates where you have done well. Do not only include positive statements about yourself. It will be better if you can identify the things that you need to improve on.
  • Take note of your achievements. Go back to the past few months and remember your achievements in the workplace. You may even have some proof of your good performance through some awards or praises that you get from your bosses. Include the things that you have learned while working for the company.
  • Review the evaluation. After you have completed the evaluation, review it so that you can see if you have answered each question honestly. See if you have said everything that you need to say. Read the statements that you wrote and check if you are being honest with yourself.

These are some of the tips that you can use if you are completing a self evaluation for your performance review. For you to be able to easily evaluate yourself the next time, it is helpful to keep a small notebook where you can write down all your achievements and the things you accomplish at work. By doing this, you can just review the notebook when you need to evaluate yourself the next time. This will also help you assess if you are growing in the company that you work for.


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