How To Complete Schedule C for a Sole Proprietorship for Form 1040

When tax season hits, there might be some things that you don't quite know how to do. People who have been in your position before known how you feel. Therefore, they post online tips on how to do the things that they have accomplished. If you aren't sure how to complete a schedule C for a sole proprietorship form for a 1040, then keep reading and we will teach you how.

You will find that at line 12 of your 1040 form, they start asking about the net profit of the business at hand. You will also have to fill out another schedule. This is Schedule SE, which proves your self-employment.

  1. The first thing that you will find that you need to fill in is your general information. These are things such as the name of the company, the principal business, your employer number (which if you don't have an employer number this will be your Social Security number), and then on which basis the business operates. You will choose from cash flow or accrual accounting.  Each line will tell you where you will fill this in.
  2. The next section will ask for things regarding your income. This includes the profits you get from services, and returns and allowances. This section also includes any tax credits you might receive.
  3. You will need to calculate costs of the goods that are sold. Not sure how to do this? We're here to help. They will have spaces that you need to include things. What things?  You start with your beginning inventory. You will also need to know the total numbers of all the goods that you have produced.
  4. Next you have to calculate your gross profit. There is a simple way of doing this. You calculate the gross receipts, subtract the returns and allowances. This gives you the net receipts. From there you subtract the cost of goods sold, which gives you the gross profits. To this number you add any tax credits, and this gives you your gross income. The form will also ask about a number of expenses, including wages and vehicles.
  5. Once you do all this, you then must calculate your net profit. This is done by taking the number on line twenty eight of the Total Expenses from Gross Income on line seven. This is what you put down for your tax return. You take this number and place it on line 12 on your 1040 form and finish filing your taxes. This is how it is done.


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