How To Convert a WordPerfect File to PDF

Whether you are using WordPerfect because it's less expensive than Word, or you like it better, or both, a challenge presents itself when you need to share the file electronically. If you simply convert the file to Word's format so someone who doesn't have WordPerfect can view it, you are likely to have formatting problems or other things that make it look different from the way you created it.

Fortunately, WordPerfect has a built-in tool that easily solves this problem. By converting a WordPerfect file to PDF, it will look exactly as you created it, and anyone with Adobe Reader on their computer (which is almost everyone) will be able to view your file. Even if you use tables, charts, images, or anything else that WordPerfect is capable of creating, the PDF conversion will work without changing anything.

I will also note this capability goes back several versions in WordPerfect, at least back to WordPerfect 9, and probably further back than that. It's very easy to do using the five steps listed below.

Step 1

After creating your WordPerfect document, do a final Save as you normally would.

Step 2

Under the File menu, there is a Publish to PDF, or a Publish To with an arrow that creates a fly-out that contains PDF as an option, depending on the version you are using. Select the Publish to PDF.

Step 3

When selected, you will see a Publish to PDF dialog box. The defaults should be good most of the time, but you can experiment with them.

Step 4


If you want to experiment with the settings, here are a few highlights. By default, WordPerfect will save the PDF file in the same place you saved your WordPerfect file. This can be changed in the File Name field. In the Compatibility field, Acrobat 4 or 5 are good choices. You can change the Author field, too. This information is not displayed in your PDF, but it will show under Properties for users who know how to access it. Basically, it's a good idea to have your name in this field. Under PDF style, you can try other presets to suit your needs. If you make custom changes you like, the + sign can be used to save the profile and add it to the list of available choices for future use. The remaining tabs and settings can be changed too, if you feel comfortable with experimenting.

Step 5

Click OK.

I recommend opening the PDF in Adobe Reader to preview it, especially if you have experimented with settings or have anything other than just text. For example, if you have any high quality images in your document and use the defaults, it should look okay, but you may want to use the Highest Quality option in the PDF style field to make your images nicer.

Using this built-in Publish to PDF feature in WordPerfect is by far the best, easiest and most reliable way to share files. You don't have to worry about formatting, font styles used, graphics or even the advanced capabilities of WordPerfect; it all goes into the PDF looking just the way you intended it.


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