How To Create a Business Ad on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most celebrated local listing sites on the Internet. What sets it apart from most auction and classified sites online is that it’s very simple. It just works under the principle that if it’s on Craigslist, it must be local. Therefore, you would have an audience that’s based on your current locality. This is best for businesses that cater to local communities, such as restaurants, stores, and other offices that have a brick-and-mortar operation.

Creating a business ad on Craigslist is very straightforward. You will just need to look for the best place to post your ad, then type in an attractive ad, which includes your services and how potential customers can get in touch with you.

  1. Go to the main Craigslist site at
  2. Look for your region or locality. The most popular US cities are listed on the front page, while for the rest, you might have to dig deeper from the state level to city level.
  3. If you already know the subdomain URL for your city, though, you can directly key it into your browser. For example, Albuquerque, New Mexico would be
  4. From your city view, you will then see the list of classifications of advertisements. You can advertise your business in any of these classifications. For instance, you can find an appropriate category under the “For Sale” listings or the “Services” listings.
  5. Small businesses might find the “Small Biz” ads most appropriate. This is under the “Services” heading. Or, it can alternatively be accessed by adding /biz to the end of the city URL. In this case, it will be
  6. To post a new business ad, click on the “Post” link at the upper right corner of the window. Or, you can click the “Post ad” link at the left column at the main menu.
  7. You might be asked to narrow down your listing to a more specific category. For instance, in this case, assuming you run a garage somewhere in Albuquerque, NM, you can select “Automotive Services.”
  8. You will need a Craigslist account to create an advertisement. You can sign in using your account, or sign up for a new one. Signing up is quick—you will just need to key in your email address and Craigslist will send you an activation link.
  9. Once you have signed in, you will need to input what kind of listing your ad will be. If you are running a business, you can post a “For sale” or “Service offered” ad. You can also post other types of ads like “Gig offered,” or “Item wanted,” in case you want to look for contractors or suppliers.
  10. Once you have chosen the appropriate categories, fill in as much information as you need. Type in a descriptive title. Specify the type of service you are offering, and the price (if any).
  11. You can choose to anonymize your email, so that people can just email a specific address, and the message will be redirected to you. This way, you don’t expose your real email address to potential spammers.
  12. If all information is adequate, click the “Continue” button. You will be prompted to confirm your content. Once you have confirmed, you will be asked to fill in a CAPTCHA challenge (to make sure you are human and not a computer).

Once you have confirmed your listing, a copy will be emailed to you, for your reference. You can click the link on the email to review or preview your ad. It will usually be live in about 15 minutes from posting.


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