How To Create a Campaign Poster

To create a campaign poster, using non-offensive techniques that appeal to many viewers will always get you the best results. Below are standard ideas used for how to design a campaign poster that will insure that your print poster gets noticed and is well-liked.

Step 1

Be patriotic on your campaign poster. Often voters today do not have the time to get to know their candidates that are running for public office. The voter is looking for an idea or interest to relate to. Being patriotic is the best interest to have in common with a viewer, since it is an all encompassing interest that will not offend any viewers. If you don't show your patriotism, you can bet your competitor will. Don't give your opponent the edge by passing up this simple technique. To show you true colors, incorporate a lot of red, white and blue in your poster printing design.

Step 2

Instill trust with your print poster. By instilling trust, you will gain a larger portion on the vote. One of the best ways to make yourself trustworthy is by showing off your family and your family values. This shows the viewer that your values will lead you to good decisions while in office, so make sure that you plan to follow through with this trust while in office. One politician who always gained trust from voters was easily reached by phone for the first 20 years in office.

Step 3

Create a memorable slogan. After all, the key reason to print posters is so the viewer will remember you when it is time to vote. One tip for being remembered when it counts is campaign posters just outside the voting booths. Another trick is a slogan that rolls off the tongue well. These slogans will have a good rhythm which will make them easier to remember. "A change that you can believe in" worked well in the November 2008 election. 

Step 4

Insert images into you print poster design that people like to see. Use images that are comforting and easy to relate to. Just as stated above, a campaign poster needs images that are patriotic, instill trust in a candidate, and make the poster memorable. A head shot is usually standard, but you may also consider a picture with your family or photos of you with people. Just make sure your photos are believable. Voters are easily turned off when they sense dishonesty.


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