How To Create a Certificate of Recognition

There are a variety of ways to create a certificate of recognition. A large number of convenient printing companies exist that can create certificates of recognition for a price. The following text assumes that you have decided to create a certificate of recognition using your own personal computer and printer.

  1. The first step for creating a certificate of recognition is to purchase suitable paper. Office supply stores are full of different papers in a variety of sizes, colors and quality. To make the certificate seem more formal, choose paper that is high quality, similar to, or better than resume paper. A heavier paper is paramount in creating authenticity. Flimsy or weak paper will devalue the time spent and words on the paper. Ever hear the saying "it's only as good as the paper it's printed on"? This holds true for your certificate as well. Secondly, choose a serious or mature color. Discard pinks, blues and light or neon greens because they are too childish and superfluous.
  2. The second step for creating a certificate of recognition is to choose a template. Many paper packets and label packets come with directions or CDs for templates that you can utilize to create a certificate of recognition. You could also create your own template on most desktop publishing or word processing programs. Some of the advantages to creating your own template include that it will not look mass produced and it allows you the freedom to customize the certificate with your own business logo or tag line.
  3. Finally, use a high quality printer. Many printers are capable of producing high quality certificates of recognition, but aren't preset to do so. Navigate through the options on your printer. Does it have options for higher quality colors and printing? Does it accept papers of different sizes and weights? Many people disable these options for the sake of speed in business printing. Take a moment to review these features of your printer and make the necessary changes. A few moments spent doing this will add greatly to your final product. If you are not sure about the output of your printer, or know that it will not create the best possible certificate of recognition, a copy store is a good alternative. The last thing you want is to let your employee think they aren't worth the effort when you are giving them a certificate of recognition.


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