How To Create a Company Information Summary Directory

Large corporations and businesses normally use the company information summary directory to boost employee to employee relations. Basically, the directory will consist of the names of each employee as well as other pertinent information relating to their work in the company. Normally, this directory can be found in company bulletin boards and by request with the human resources department. It can be used should someone in the company needs to locate a certain employee or department within the same company. Since this is quite useful to the overall effectiveness of any business or corporation, creating one is key thus, it has to be done right. Here are some basic steps on how to create a company information summary directory using Microsoft Excel.

  • Initiate Microsoft Excel. The best way to create the database you need is by simple using a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel and plot in the information you need. Of course, you will need to create and finalize a template for this first.
  • Create the template. Once Microsoft Excel is up and running, open a new spreadsheet and start labeling each column. What you want to do here is label the first column with the name of the employee. Jump to the next column and label it "job title" or position. Jump to the next one and label it "department". The column beside this should be used for contact numbers followed by address and direct superior. You can add more information as you like but remember to label columns in the spreadsheet to organize it.
  • Enter the information. Once all the columns have been labeled and the template has, more or less, been finalized, start entering the information into the spreadsheet. Start with the name, position, department, contact numbers, address, and any other information that you need needed to fill out based on the template you created. Now, you can do this manually but if you are trying to compile a list of employees by the thousands, then typing each on manually may quite tedious and tiresome. Well, if you have a list of employees already saved as a digital file, maybe in MS Word or PDF format, then you may opt to import the data to save you time and effort from typing.
  • Sort the list. Sorting the data once you complete the spreadsheet can be done any number of ways but you will typically need to just sort it through the columns. So, if you want to organize and sort the list alphabetically, then you can do it on column A that was designated for the employees' names. You may also sort the data by department, position, and even address.
  • Save the file and print. Once you complete the directory, print it out and distribute it to all the employees and post some copies on the company bulletin boards. If your office is paperless, then all you need to do is to email the Excel file to all the employees by way of their company email and you are done.

Since new employees will enter the fray on a monthly basis, then it would be wise to update the directory on a monthly basis as well so that you can reflect the changes. Make sure that you never lose this directory as this will be your primary database that you will only need to update regularly.


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