How To Create a Customer Appreciation Letter

It is highly recommended for all businesses to constantly show their appreciation to their customers who consistently stand by their side and support their products or services as much as they can. Normally, most business will opt to show their appreciation through a rewarding gesture like discounts on future purchases, rewards programs, and the like. However, this is not the only way to do it. You can show your appreciation even through a simple and minimal costing letter, a customer appreciation letter. If this letter is well-written and sincere, then giving this letter to the customer will be enough to solidify the business relationship you share with him. Writing a great customer appreciation letter is pretty simple and straightforward. Here are some tips on how to word it just the way it should be.

  • Begin by addressing the letter correctly. Like any letter, you will start the content by addressing it properly. Basically, this would be located the top left of the letter and should contain the complete name and address of the customer. It is quite crucial to get this part right so make sure to recheck if the information is correct. Remember, a misspelled name can ruin the credibility of the letter.
  • Be professional. Since you will want your business to exude an image of professionalism, you will want the content of your letter to be professionally written. Now, don’t liken professional writing with formal writing. These don’t necessarily go hand in hand. You can have a professionally written letter but have an informal or casual feel to it. In fact, customers may appreciate this more since it will seem more personal.
  • Be sincere. It is important to pay close attention on how to word each sentence and paragraph. The preceding and succeeding sentences should be logical but should seem truthful and sincere to the reader. This means that those cheesy and flowery lines should be left out. Try to express the message you want to send out with simple and straightforward words.
  • Be specific. All appreciation letters should be short, concise, and sweet. Hence, when writing the meat of the letter, it is imperative that you don’t runaround. Write what the letter is about. Be specific and straightforward. If possible, do not use any of the big words. Simple words should do the trick.
    • Now, since the letter should contain the reason for your appreciation and thanks, make sure to specify this reason straight out in the letter. Again, be specific. Customers will only view content that was written to appear vague or ambiguous may fuel certain suspicions. You really don’t want this so make sure to be specific as you can in explaining the reason and meaning of the letter.
  • Say thank you. Obviously, you want the letter to say thank you straight and direct to the point. So, make sure you jot a simple thank you in your letter. If possible, try to include a nice offering to magnify your appreciation for the customer’s continued patronage.

Once the letter is complete, print it out on your business’ stationary, insert it in an envelope and mail it to your customer. After a couple of days, you customer will receive and read it and the message of thanks will reach your intended target.


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