How To Create a Dressing Area

Clothes shopping can be fun. If you run a retail store, then you will most likely have to showcase your clothing items in window displays and on mannequins. Once you get a customer interested, he or she might want to try different pieces of clothing if they fit well, and if they look good on the wearer.

For this purpose, you would need a dressing area. Most retail shops have a dressing area. But what if you are selling in an impromptu store, like in a bazaar or flea market? Or what if you’re selling items at a garage sale or warehouse sale?

Here are a few things you can do to create a dressing area.

Use a spare room. The best way to create a dressing area, of course, is having a spare room. Not just any room can be a dressing area, though. It should have basic amenities, like a full-length mirror, knobs and hangers, and a small stool. The mirror should help the person using the dressing area determine if it’s a good fit. The hooks are for hanging pieces of clothing while changing. The stool or chair is needed when the person will remove trousers or pants, or any item difficult to remove while standing up.

Use curtain
s. This is good for use in cramped spaces or in impromptu retail settings. For this purpose you will need a heavy down curtain, curtain rings and a shower curtain rod. The shower curtain rod can be shaped differently, depending on your needs. If you can situate the dressing area in a corner, then it will be easy to hide. However, if this is not possible, you should configure your dressing area in the middle of the room. Just use a circular or loop-shaped curtain rod, which you can mount on a wall or up a vertical rod.

Use plywood. You can erect a dressing area from a couple of sheets of plywood and some framing material. Simply cut the wood to measure enough space for a person to dress up in. construct a rectangular frame, and attach the wood with nail guns. You can then have this painted over.

Use a divider. Some would feel comfortable enough changing clothes while behind a divider. While this may not exactly provide full coverage, a divider can be ideal when trying small items like a scarf or a shirt. The divider itself can be used as a hanger, so users can just hang discarded pieces over the top edge of the divider, so they don’t have to leave it on the floor.

Creating a dressing area can be a useful way of adding function to any room. When in a retail setting, a dressing area adds extra convenience to shoppers. A homes, a dressing area lets the homeowner prepare and change without worrying about having his clothes within reach. Creating a dressing area is simple enough, with the right material and skills. If your room doesn’t have a dedicated dressing area, you can have one built just for you.


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