How To Create a Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

People from all walks of life and ages use tote bags to house items they will need in their daily routine. High school and college students find the tote bag the most convenient to use because of its style and carrying ease. Even people who travel frequently use different kinds of tote bags as a carry-on bag. With so many people using tote bags, it is no wonder that businesses give away canvas tote bags away as a promotional marketing tool. Imagine, if you have thousands of people using your tote bag all around the country then you will have taken advantage of a tool that will provide your business or brand long term marketing that can spread like wildfire. With a little imagination and creativity, you can take advantage of this wondrous marketing technique.

Determine your marketing promotions. Personalized tote bags are great marketing tools since you can give them away to consumers buying your products or subscribing to your services. A lot of businesses give away free items to consumers that purchase a minimum amount of products from them. This technique will provide you more profit while creating more value for your customers. It will increase your customer retention while potentially increasing your sales revenue. To maximize the promotions, personalize the item with your brand logo or graphics. If the item you are giving away is useful to the consumer, he will use it all the time. For example, a tote bag is very useful since people use it to bring items with them safely. If you have a logo on the bag, other people will see the logo and the brand name will be imprinted on their minds. That is a fantastic way to build a brand without having to spend a lot of dough. In this case, finalize a promotion where people buy your products and you give them a free tote bag for their patronage.

Get a sample canvas tote bag. Go to a store selling various designs of tote bags and buy different sizes of a plain colored tote bag. Choose a bag with the same color as your brand. For example, Western Union, a globally known remittance service company uses black and yellow as their brand colors. They give away tote bags with black or yellow as the main color of the bag. If the bag is black, they will use yellow for the graphic. The bag looks great while still maintaining the colors of the brand. Use the same philosophy.

Consult a custom imprinting company. These companies provide printing services for any item. Bring the sample tote bags and a digital copy of your logo. Ask them to print the graphic on the bag samples. Make sure to consult about the shapes and colors. They are experts in this so don’t presume that you know more. Once they print some samples, inspect each one and ask for a cost estimate for producing mass quantities. The higher the volume you need, the lower the cost per bag. When they give you a cost estimate based on your volume, shop around for a better price. Ask for samples to make sure of quality.

Once you decide on the imprinting company that will supply you the customized and personalize tote bags, ask for a contract, finalize the delivery date, and make a down payment. Make sure to include a clause in the contract that will protect your business from poor quality of merchandise.


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