How To Create a Productivity Increase


As successful businessmen have said, the essence of business is growth, and by growth they mean output efficiency increases. However, increasing productivity in business is usually a difficult process. This is especially the case since certain factors must be augmented while others will need to be minimized or streamlined in order to have increases in productivity.  These cannot be done with just a snap of a finger. It requires general planning and effectiveness checks. To get tips on how to bring a productivity increase to your company’s overall production and bottom lines, here are some guidelines to consider.

  1. Increase your capital expenditures for additional equipment and personnel. Wise businessmen know that business will require some calculated risks. To get future capital increase, you must dare to increase your capital at hand. You can add equipment, which requires additional capital, to add up to your product output. You can add more staff and personnel. This may seem to be a gamble at first, but careful money management can lessen your risk in the process.
  2. Do not be afraid to use the latest technological innovations. You can foster business increase by using the latest hardware and software to upgrade your equipment. If you are into restaurant management, you can optimally use the Internet as a marketing tool and also as an advertising tool by placing promotional articles on the Internet. You can install a program to record your sales statistics and measure productivity instead of using manual labor in record keeping, which is essentially unnecessary labor. It could not only increase output, but also hasten the jobs needed to be done.
  3. Invest in your personnel through incentives. One of best strategies to spur productivity in your human resources is to give them occasional incentives. It will not only motivate them to perform better but also foster allegiance to your company. You can make them trust you and consequently make their performance better. You can also involve personal development incentives so as to give them the notion that you are not only using them for the business, but also because you really appreciate them. Examples of these incentives are vacation incentives or even just personal cubicles for their own space. This would make your business a productive industry.
  4. Be reasonably strict. One of the pitfalls in implementing these productivity increase strategies is overdoing it. Avoid the tendency to ‘spoil’ your personnel, leading to a lax performance and decreased productivity. In these cases, you need to be Machiavellian. In the end, business is business and there is no room for lax personnel. Implement rules regarding time logging, product quotas and other business functions with stern supervision. Nonetheless, you do not want to be so strict that your employees eventually become demoralized. This can lead to a decrease in efficiency and productivity.

Adding productivity to your company or organization rests entirely on your ability to balance all the factors in business management. The balance should not neglect any aspect in favor of another which can lead to undesirable consequences. You need to have a forward-oriented vision to anticipate the future consequences of your business moves. When done with careful wisdom, increased productivity will not be far from your reach.


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