How To Create a Publicity Stunt

Do you wish for a few moments in the spotlight? Do you want your business to be the talk of the town? Do you like your products to gain attention in the market? Think again. These wishes, and a lot of other desires, can be granted. You just need a well-planned publicity stunt.

You may have noticed in newspapers and on TV, a lot of weird and crazy things being done by people. These are actually not ways to put themselves to shame but to catch the attention of people. This is one of the best strategies being considered by a lot of businesses and organizations. From movies, actors, to beers, and a lot of other products, all of them are use publicity stunts.

To site a few examples, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ love story is said to have been a publicity stunt. Redline Griffin’s Ferrari crash is also stated to have been one. Though Tom Cruise and Redline Griffin deny these allegations, it pays well in terms of press publicity. Also, a broadcasting company in Boston created a bomb scare as publicity stunt.

Publicity Stunt Ideas

So if you want to create publicity stunts for whatever reason, you will not find it very difficult. Actually, you can get the assistance of a publicity company to do the stunts for you including press publicity and publicity pictures. However, you can also consider these following ideas when you are going to create one:

  • Make an attempt to grab a world record.
  • Make fantasy become a reality.
  • Perform a thing that people love but don’t dare to do.
  • Do a thing that people are not expecting you to do.
  • Relate the stunt to a current news story.

Creating Publicity Stunts

Here are some guidelines that can actually be helpful to you if you want to gain real publicity:

  1. Whatever idea you have for a publicity stunt, make sure to do it big. Make sure that you do it in a place where a lot of people can see it.
  2. It is a good idea to inform the media but don’t give them too many details. If your publicity stunt is covered by the media and shows the rest of the public your publicity photos and videos, it will definitely catch a lot of attention.
  3. When you are doing a publicity stunt, ensure that the message you want to tell the public is clearly conveyed. Make use of posters and other materials to help you convey the message.

So if you are going to do this kind of promotional campaign, it is always possible to do one with a positive impact to the audience. Yes, the bomb scare in Boston might have gained a lot of attention, your walking naked in the streets can do the same thing—however, people will appreciate it more if their rights are respected!

So before deciding to have a publicity stunt viewed by a lot of people, make sure it is well-planned. Intensive planning of this promotion strategy is the prime determinant of its success, whatever the goals may be.


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