How To Create a Retail Window Display

Retail window display

To have really high quality products to sell is one thing. But the presentation affects most of your sales more than most people will care to think. A retail window display will help you attract more customers to the store, often even those who would not otherwise consider buying your product if it weren’t for the very compelling packaging and display presentation. Here is how you can create a retail window display that will work wonders for your selling business:

  1. Fill up your toolbox. Tape measure, blades, notepads, shelves, glue gun, hammer, nails, glass cleaner, towels and props are just some of the things that you can fill up your toolbox with. You may come up with other stuff, such as scraps that you can recycle over time.
  2. Get your customers to focus on something. A theme fit for the season (e.g. Valentines, Christmas etc.) will help you give a lot of emphasis on the particular pieces of merchandise that are in the best demand at that time.
  3. Employ elements of art: symmetry, simplicity and stark color balance. The whole display looks more stable if there is some symmetry and really good use of the color wheel. Color combinations, simplicity and the symmetry of design objects serves to better highlight the products that you want to sell the most.
  4. Maximize the lighting factor for emphasis. You need a little lighting at least to be able to emphasize your top products in the display. If you are cost cutting with electric expense, you may also opt for glittery wrappers to stand in place of lighting. But nothing beats a well- lit display shelf.
  5. Inspect and judge your display from different perspectives. Look at the display from behind, in front and in different angles and distances. This will help you fine-tune the placing of the objects and see how it will register from different points of view.
  6. Let them see the signs with flair. Ample labeling of prices and many others will also help identify your retail display window theme. If you have discounts, feel free to put a banner with big bold letters to send the message loud and clear.
  7. Experiment and defy convention, if you can. This might require a lot of risk on your part, but fee free to experiment after you have sufficiently tried most conventional retail store display themes.
  8. Position your brand prominently. Make sure your store name and brand are also given the ample credit that it deserves. If your customers are just window shopping, they will at least know the name of your store so that they can get back to the merchandise even way after you have changed retails display layouts.
  9. Get expert advice from artists and vendors. Vendors will most likely have the feasibility studies and marketing tools that will help you display their merchandise effectively. Artists will help you make sure you don’t really kill your display with bad artistic decisions.

There are many ways to market a product, but in a brick and mortar store, a retail window display makes or breaks a sale even before your sales lady energetically gives out her opening spiel. Make sure you get the right message across by making your retail display a favorable one. 


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