How To Create a Stress-Free Office Space

Your office needs to be a relaxing space that promotes productivity. It should be a stress-free space that inspires you to work hard and provides you with all that you need to do so in a comfortable environment. This guide will help you create a stress-free office retreat to get your best work done.

Step 1

Choose a relaxing color. The biggest element to your stress-free office design will be the color you choose to paint on the walls. Dark colors make rooms look smaller, cramped and cave-like. Choose a color that you love, but go with a lighter shade. Beige, greens and blues are all great colors that have a relaxing and calming effect. Leave you ceiling white, but paint the walls a stress-free color.

Step 2

Get creative with your office furniture. The furniture in your office space doesn't need to be cold, industrial-quality stuff. If you're going to be spending most of your day using this furniture, why not invest in something that is functional, comfortable, and attractive? When you're creating a stress-free office space, look for office furniture outside of the office furniture department. If you want comfort, a nice, solid-wood desk. It will bring a natural feel to your office. A cushy couch may be just the thing to replace your sterile office chairs for visitors and clients. And how about creating a relaxation area in your office where you can stretch out while you're reading up on work stuff? Get a comfortable easy chair or rocker for your office that lets you put your feet up. You'll instantly be stress-free when you climb into a comfortable recliner in your office!

Step 3

Use natural materials for storage. Metal filing cabinets look industrial and lifeless. They only stand to remind you that you're at work. But if you need somewhere to store your files in your office space, consider using wicker baskets to store your files. They do make these with file holders in them, and having these in your office instead of traditional metal filing cabinets will make you feel more at home and relaxed in your stress-free space. Introduce other natural elements into your office space by bringing in a small water fountain and using some polished rocks as bookends.

Step 4

Bring in lots of personal touches. Your office space will be a stress-free environment if you take the time to personalize it. Make the space your own so that you're more comfortable working in it. Hang family pictures on your wall and keep a photo of your kids by your computer. Bring in a few live plants to place on side tables and hang from your ceiling. And don't be afraid to hang your favorite fishing photo up in your office as well. Anything you can put in your office to remind you of the people and things that you love will make your office space a stress-free one.


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