How To Create a Window Display

One of the essential marketing tools a business can have is a window display. It plays a large role in pulling your existing customers and potential clients toward your business, but it can also push people away from your store if done poorly. With a window display, you are giving passersby the opportunity to get an idea about what kind of business or what kind of treatment they might get from you. To ensure you create favorable impression, consider the following:

  1. Create a theme. You have the option to create a theme according to the current trends or based on special occasions or holidays. Examples are Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Spring, Easter, Super Bowl, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc. A theme will help you create a timely and functional display, not just a bunch of items crammed into the window space. Ensure that the theme you use is consistent with the displays inside your store.
  2. Think of color and proportion. While colors attract attention, they can also affect the mood. Know how to use colors that not only correspond with the season but also create a positive impact on the passersby. As for the proportion, remember to use items that complement the size of your window otherwise your display may end up looking overcrowded or bare.
  3. Use lights. To enhance colors and draw attention to the most important piece on display, learn to use good and balanced lighting. 
  4. Play with the angles. How you arrange the pieces on display will greatly impact the overall appearance. Do the items overlap each other? Does the arrangement draw attention to your focal piece or somewhere else? The best way to ensure you get the right angles is to view the display from outside. If the angles do not satisfy you, rearrange, check outside again, and do more changes if necessary until you get the arrangement and angles right.
  5. Keep your display simple. Avoid showcasing too much items or your window will only look cluttered. While Christmas is a festive event, you cannot just put in everything at once to present a jovial display. Fewer items can make a more appealing, elegant, and professional image. The more pieces you display, the more eyesore your window gets.
  6. Keep your window and the display items clean. Needless to say you are creating an image through your window. If the space and items on display are dusty or untidy with some cobwebs appearing on some areas, you are projecting a business that is messy and incompetent. Always ensure that the window is sparkling clean and that all items on display are dirt-free.

You can acquire design ideas from other window displays that you admire. Visiting department stores and local boutiques will also provide more helpful inputs. Observe how the different designs capture your attention and draw you to the focal merchandises. If you are not confident of your creative skills, you can consult or hire a professional window designer to do the job for your store.


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