How To Create an Order Form on Your Web Site

No matter what kind of website you have spent your time and energy building, if you want to get into internet marketing like so many people these days want to do, you must have some kind of order form. Order forms can be short and concise, or there can different order forms for different products. The intricacies of constructing an order form may have you fretting about how, where and what kind; this article will teach you what you need to know without having to search for other resources.

Because this article cannot presume what kind of web site development platform you are using, and since every platform requires different steps for constructing forms, this article cannot help with that process; instead it will advise you on what makes a respectable order form that will attract customers and turn visits into profits. When creating your form, please keep in mind that your customers are purchasing off of the internet, that without proper personal insurance, you will never receive profit. Before beginning your new order form, please have some kind of privacy policy and the proper tools in place for accepting and charging credit card numbers. Once you have these in place, the process is simplified and shortened.

Your first step should be to create a new web page for your order form. Once you have a page template applied, or once you have the aesthetic look that you want, you can begin constructing the order form. Pick the product that this page will be associated with, and add it to that product page.

Next, you should create fields for your buyers full name, billing address - remember a second field for apartment numbers - city, state, and zip code. These are very important, or you will not know where to ship your products. After those are complete, you will need to build your credit card number form. You need one for the full number, and one for the three letter security code.  Remember to have a link to a guide to let people know where to find their security codes.

Depending upon what products you are selling, you might want to add a quantity counter. It might also be in your best interest to add a dynamic price amount to go along with your quantity counter.

After you have the page set up, you need to have a system in place that will notify you of a new purchase. Please remember that when someone buys something over the internet, you need to ready to process the order quickly.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can create a single page that customers can choose the product that they want to purchase from inside the order form.

Your next steps will be to repeat the process for every singe product that you are selling on the website.  There are free programs available online, such as Zen Cart and osCommerce, for those e-merchants with large amounts of stock.


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