How To Create and Format an Annual Report

Annual reports are instruments used by most companies to attract new investors. For annual reports to look good companies hire expert professional writers who are experienced in giving annual reports a professional appearance. An annual report is a bound written achievements and failures report of a business or organization. It is a report in which all departments are involved and accounted for. Each company has different forms of annual report. Each has its own type of accounts to be reported.

When creating an annual report there are several points to be kept in mind.

1.    Physical external appearance. The external appearance of the report is important. That is one reason why annual reports are prepared by professionals. The first few pages and the cover must uphold the interest of the readers. The cover must be eye-catching and therefore attractive.

2.    Contents. Correct spacing is expected of the text. It should start on simple facts about the company with emphasis on key points. Illustrations should be used to break up columns of figures. Photographs used in the text must have their names on record.

3.    Readership. The annual report must attract readership. This will become possible if the report provides relevant information and uniform style and format Statement of the chairperson must not be too long. What is important is that his analysis of the part year’s progress and his assessment of future activities are correctly positioned in a good paragraph. Statements should be businesslike, informative and balanced.

4.    Suitable format. The nature of the organization will dictate the format of the annual report. A possible format of an annual report looks like the following:

  • table of contents
  • purpose of the organization
  • highlights of the year
  • statement of the chairperson
  • main body
  • financial records
  • appendixes

5.    You as the writer. Before you can write an annual report you may have studied several samples to get a gist of your assignment. Different free annual reports can be requested from big companies. Some companies allow downloading of their annual report online.

6.    SEC guidelines. It is important for writers of annual reports to be familiar with SEC guidelines. This agency suggests detailed ways to format and display information on annual reports. As a writer, it is important to abide with the guidelines.

Giving the right format to an annual report also gives added credit to the writer. Some freelance work-at-home writers are very much willing to receive writing tips from the experts. They usually do not get a good pay on their first assignment. However, because they are interested in the job, they continue accumulating experience until they find their work much easier and the pay much higher.

Companies use their annual reports to promote themselves and to attract more investors. These companies are usually allowing a budget for writing annual reports. Writers who have been earning experiences from small companies do get hired by these big ones and are paid satisfactorily. Your knowledge of creating and formatting an annual report could give you a good paying job.


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