How To Create and Print Punch Cards

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Having punch cards as part of your business strategy is a good marketing gimmick. It is one way of promoting your business and a good way of ensuring that you have loyal and returning customers. Punch cards are much like discount cards, which when used in your store for purchases or using particular services, have holes punched in them. If clients are able to complete the required punches in the card, they are rewarded a particular prize. This encourages your clients to keep patronizing your business, which is a good thing.

If you would want to find out how to make punch cards, this article will show you how:

1. You will need the following:

  • Microsoft Publisher or any other desktop publishing application
  • a printer
  • card stock
  • a pair of scissors
  • a hole puncher (preferably one that’s of a unique design)

2. Open your computer or laptop and open Microsoft Publisher. Look for “New Publication” and then choose the arrow that’s on the left of “Blank Publications.” Scroll down and double-click “Business Cards.” You should see a blank business card on the screen in front of you. Anything that you are to do on this business card will also be done on an entire sheet of business cards.

3. Look for the “Insert” menu and choose “Text Box.” Doing so inserts a text box into the business card. Use your mouse and click and hold to drag the text box towards the middle of the business card. Adjust the sides of the text box so that it leaves an inch of margin on all sides of the business card. This becomes your punch card.

4. To choose from a selection of different font styles, just look for the “Format” menu and click on “Font.” This opens a pop-up window where you can choose a font, a font color and a font style. Choose a font that’s big enough to be read. You can already then write your business’ name and address. You can also enter a short description and the guidelines for your punch card promo.

5. You will now need to have certain shapes on the card on which the holes will be punched. To choose a shape, open the “Drawing” toolbar and select “AutoShapes.” If you would want to have circles on your card, select the circle and drag it on the upper left corner of the card. To enter specific amounts or services on the hole, right click the AutoShape and then choose “Add Text.”

6. To make multiple circles or AutoShapes, right-click the shape and then choose “Copy.” On the right side of the shape, right-click and then choose “Paste.” Continue pasting the circles on the margin that you allotted around the card.

7. Now that you’re done, you can already print out the cards on sheets of card stock and then cut them apart.

Your punch card doesn’t necessarily have to be designed the way suggested. You can design your card accordingly to the design that you want to achieve. You can have bigger cards and different shapes. It’s just important that you know the basics so that you can work from there.


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