How To Create Flower Shop Displays

Flower display

The flower industry is blooming at its finest. If you want to keep in stride with fellow competitors you have to know the tricks of the trade. This involves mastering the skill of preparing a display that will not only put your clients in awe but also attract them to make the purchase. Take a look at some of the techniques you can utilize to make a buzz out of your shop.

  1. Know your buyers. Flowers have different meanings for different cultures. Identify yourself with the background of the people living nearby or constantly passing by your shop. Asians usually associate white with death while Americans and Europeans link it with purity and innocence. Making efforts in understanding the relationship of the colors in your display and the common beliefs of various ethnic groups can give you a higher chance to score more customers.
  2. There is beauty in simplicity. Monitor the number of flower types involved in your display. The ideal number ranges from three to five. This will give you the opportunity to show off your product without cluttering your design.
  3. Take pride with what you have. A flower presentation in front of your shop is a good thing but you have to make sure that the entirety of your shop is loaded with designs that can supplement your initial attraction. Evenly spread out flower displays throughout your shop. Flowers are after all your main product. Make sure that you combine varieties that blend well with each other.
  4. Keep in step with the trend. Make it a point to update your displays based on the current season. Flowers are specifically utilized during different events of the year. Make plans to attract your customers by coming up with designs that fit occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and graduation.
  5. Send an everyday smile. As mentioned above you have to be aware of the significant occasion associated with the flower industry nevertheless you have to send out a daily attraction for your clients. Make them feel that you are willing and able to provide the product that will help them bring a smile in the heart of a loved one on a simple afternoon.
  6. Make sure bells are ringing. Weddings are events that cannot survive without the elegance and beauty of flowers. Make it a point to create a wedding atmosphere with your designs. You can put up displays of sample bouquets and corsages to attract would-be couples.
  7. Plan your colors well. Situate the brightest color at the center of your display then work outward picking the hues that will effectively accentuate your main attraction. If you go with yellow, paint your way to success by adding in bits of orange and red then sprinkle some parts of purple and blue.
  8. Lighting brings out the best in your flowers. Go with the natural type like incandescent. This will ensure you that your little wonders are highlighted properly without compromising their natural glow.

The best way to set up a flower shop display is to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Figure out what people want. Give it to them and end your day with a dazzling smile.


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