How To Create Professional Press Kits

‘Attention, this is us and here is what we do!' That's what a Press kit is - a kit telling people, mainly from the media, what you are about, and if what you say isn't attractive enough, then they stop listening...indeed, they may not have started listening in the first place!!

The importance of the press kit and the care needed to be taken in its assembly cannot be overstated in a marketing scenario. Any component, which is necessary and is omitted, any component, which is not correctly and aesthetically presented - all can spell doom for the marketed group or individual.

Normally press kits are used for Product Launches, Company Launches, Business acquisitions or mergers, News conferences about an event or Trade exhibitions and shows. Creating a press kit is about putting together the story of the company or product, showcasing its uniqueness and appeal in a compelling fashion. So what should be the key features to be kept in mind while creating a press kit? Here are a few important ones!

  • 1. A covering Letter which is brief, but writes a convincing story inviting the reader to listen to your story.
  • 2. Include your media manager's details here.
  • 3. For trade shows particularly, it will be advisable to include a list of contents, which will present the kit in an organized manner.
  • 4. A handwritten note thanking the media also adds a personal touch.
  • 5. A post-script note at the bottom normally attracts quick interest and should be used to its full advantage.
  • 6. Press coverage received by the company or product in the recent past, in both print and electronic media, should be attached.
  • 7. Include relevant and good quality photographs and keep the articles to a reasonable minimum so that the content won't be lost in the pages.
  • 8. A press release which is not more than two pages, at the most, and the language concise and simple.
  • 9. Business Cards, ideally a couple, in a slot in the folder handed out will make contacting easier for those who want to.
  • 10. This can be in addition to the details of the contact listed in the covering letter.
  • 11. Recordings on CD, DVD, software or video can be used depending on the cost effectiveness.
  • 12. For a band's press kit, a CD of its song along with the kit will make a good impact.
  • 13. However a video of a company's new factory may not make as much economic sense as some good photographs attached with the kit.
  • 14. Testimonials from existing clients which tell a good story will reinforce the message in the press kit.
  • 15. Company background including details on history, stated objectives and the array of products/services offered.
  • 16. Where it is a product launch, a separate document with accent on the quality and features of the new product must be attached.
  • 17. Details on key employees and their background can also be provided.
  • 18. All information here should be relevant and current.
  • 19. A statement on the financial status of the company which will demonstrate its strength and viability will be important for interested investors.
  • 20. Details on past performance can be presented pictorially where there is a strong statement to make.
  • 21. A sample news item or a quote page with quotes from the key leaders of your company will be useful for editors.
  • 22. Follow up on your kit after it has reached the editors.

Package your kit attractively, ensure that the right person gets it, and then you only need to follow up to keep it ‘top-of-mind'. That you've been reading this article is proof that you've recognized the importance of press kits. Now, don't wait till you actually need a press kit to get started on yours - start compiling one now and yours will be ready when you need it!


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