How To Create Your Home Office in a Closet

In this day and age of high speed Broadband, Voice over Internet Protocol, video conferencing and social media, professionals are choosing to telecommute. Some professionals are even leaving the corporate world for a career in freelancing. This has several benefits. For one, you get to save on transportation costs. You are able to control your finances, and run your business on your own time.

However, in many cases, telecommuting means you will need to have your own office space at home. Some telecommuters would go to WiFi-enabled cafés to connect. Some convert a part of their house to a home office. If you have a garage, then you can easily set up a desk and some shelves there. If you have a spare room or guest room, then that’s also a viable alternative. If space is really tight, though, you will have to look for alternatives. For example, you can convert a closet into space for your home office needs.

Remodel the shelves. You will need to change the layout of the shelves inside the closet. You will need one big horizontal platform that can serve as your desk. You will then need shelves above to contain your documents, printer and other things. Below the “desk” leave an empty area for you to be able to fit your legs while seated.

Buy compact equipment. Since you only have a closet for an office space, it would be smart to go for small equipment. Instead of an old-fashioned CRT monitor, be sure to get an LCD monitor for yourself. These are thinner and lighter, and can fit in tight spaces. If you’re looking for a new computer altogether, then choose a notebook computer, so you can save more space.

Fix the lighting. Work is best done in a bright, lively environment. Affix lighting at the top of your closet, for better visibility.

Paint it bright. Make your office space look larger by painting with brighter colors or hues. This will also provide a more stimulating environment rather than a dark closet.

Keep it self-contained and secure. Rather than have your equipment and work in a room of its own, your closet will be your entire office. Therefore, keep it self-contained. Make sure it has enough drawers, racks and other storage space for your equipment and stationery. Choose a small swiveling chair that can be stowed underneath when not in use. You will also need to add equipment, such as a telephone and telephone line, and other cables for your Internet connection.

Add a lock to your office cabinet door, to secure your equipment. It’s just like locking your office when you leave. It’s not just potential break-ins that you’re worried about here. You should also watch out that your kids or pets aren’t able to mess up your office space while you’re away.

Setting up your closet as a home office might be limited when it comes to actual space. But if you have the right equipment, and the right mindset, then this could be a convenient way for you to work at home, and simply stow away your office equipment out of sight when not needed.


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